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getRotationOfChar method

Gets the rotation value of the specified character, relative to the current user coordinate system where the glyphs that corresponding to the specified character are rendered.

Scalable Vector Graphics: Text, Section 10.17.1 Internet Explorer 9





charnum [in]

Type: Integer

The index of the character, where the first character has an index of 0.

Return value

Type: Floating-point

The rotation angle.

Standards information


If multiple glyphs are used to render the specified character and if the glyphs each have different rotations (for example, because of text-on-a-path), the getRotationOfChar method returns an average value (that is, the rotation angle at the midpoint along the path for all glyphs that are used to render the specified character).

The rotation value represents the rotation that is supplemental to any rotation because of the glyphOrientationHorizontal and glyphOrientationVertical properties. Any glyph rotations because of these properties are not included in the returned rotation value.

If multiple consecutive characters are rendered inseparably (for example, as a single glyph or a sequence of glyphs), each of the inseparable characters returns the same rotation value.

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