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Data Services Futures

With the recent release of the .NET Framework 4, the Data Services team is engaged in its next round of design for new features. You can follow what's happening on the Data Services Team Blog. We look forward to hearing from you!

Design Notes

See the team's feature design notes online and give your comments on the design.

Data Services Futures

JSON Light Sample Payloads
We recently put together a document that contains some of our thinking about JSON light as well as a whole slew of sample payloads. We would love to hear any feedback you have on the format; you can c... more
Tuesday, Apr 17 dpblogs
Relationship links
Problem Statement OData (the protocol used by WCF Data Services) enables you to address the relationships between Entries. This functionality is required to be able to create or change a relationship ... more
Monday, Apr 5 dpblogs
Design Notes: Row Count
One of the scenarios we have heard feedback around is the ability for the a client of a data service to determine the total number of entities in a set without having to retrieve them all. The followi... more
Monday, Dec 15 dpblogs
Alpha preview of Project Codename "Astoria Offline" coming soon
As we already discussed in a previous blog post, one of the problem spaces related to data services we’d like to take on is synchronization-capable services, enabling offline scenarios. We&#8217... more
Monday, Nov 3 dpblogs

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Data Services Futures

Data Development Downloads
There are no current pre-release downloads for WCF Data Services. Please see the main Downloads page for released technologies.
Monday, Apr 19

Discussions on the Pre-Release Forum

Data Services Futures

Entity Framework and Spatial Types
Is there any plan to add support for the new Entity Framework spatial types to W... more
Monday, Mar 12
Release date for Reference Data Caching
Hi, Could some one let us know the release date of refernce data caching? Also p... more
Wednesday, Jul 20
June 2011 CTP – Runtime version problems trying to host the WCF Data Service in IIS
Hi, I made a test project (Empty ASP.Net + EF Model + WCF Data Service... more
Wednesday, Jul 20

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Data Services Futures

Open Data Protocol by Example
"In a web-based world, OData is the data access API you need to known." In this comprehensive article, Chris Sells discusses working with OData from the basics of Atom and AtomPub through the details of OData and how to use Microsoft's Data Services Framework to create both OData clients and services.
Friday, Apr 2 Chris Sells
Creating an OData API for StackOverflow including XML and JSON in 30 minutes
Scott Hanselman recently allocated 12 hours on a long airplane flight to create an prototype of a StackOverflow API using OData. But "unfortunately," he says, "it took 30 minutes so I watched movies the rest of the time." The project is detailed here on his blog.
Monday, Mar 29 Scott Hanselman


Community Bloggers

Data Services Futures

What Do We Want in Silverlight Validation?
URL: As I've been on the mend lately, i've been looking deep into how Validation should work in Silverlight. As I am trying to expand some of hte validation scenarios in Si... more
Monday, Oct 5 (Shawn Wildermuth)
No longer a C# MVP...
URL: Eight long years ago I was presented with my very first MVP. In those days I was a .NET MVP, the only designation for anyone doing .NET. Yeah, I... more
Thursday, Oct 1 (Shawn Wildermuth)
Choosing a Data Access Layer for Silverlight 3
If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll probably remember my pithy blog post where I stated that "It all depends..." to the question "Which Data Access Should I Use for Silverlight 3?" The real... more
Monday, Sep 28 (Shawn Wildermuth)
Niagara's Validation DSL - First Pass
URL: While Niagara is not going to require that you specify your validation attributes using its DSL, there are some benefits I think we can get by loosely coupling the val... more
Monday, Sep 28 (Shawn Wildermuth)