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PrintMediaSize enumeration

Specifies the media size option.


var value = Windows.Graphics.Printing.PrintMediaSize.default;

public enum PrintMediaSize

Public Enum PrintMediaSize

public enum class PrintMediaSize


The PrintMediaSize enumeration has these members.

Default | default0

The default media size.

NotAvailable | notAvailable1

A media size that is not available with the application, or a size that is not supported by the print device.

PrinterCustom | printerCustom2

A media size that is specific to the print device.

BusinessCard | businessCard3

A business card size.

CreditCard | creditCard4

A credit card size.

IsoA0 | isoA05

The IsoA0 media size.

IsoA1 | isoA16

The IsoA1 media size.

IsoA10 | isoA107

The IsoA10 media size.

IsoA2 | isoA28

The IsoA2 media size.

IsoA3 | isoA39

The IsoA3 media size.

IsoA3Extra | isoA3Extra10

The IsoA3Extra media size.

IsoA3Rotated | isoA3Rotated11

The IsoA3Rotated media size.

IsoA4 | isoA412

The IsoA4 media size.

IsoA4Extra | isoA4Extra13

The IsoA4Extra media size.

IsoA4Rotated | isoA4Rotated14

The IsoA4Rotated media size.

IsoA5 | isoA515

The IsoA5 media size.

IsoA5Extra | isoA5Extra16

The IsoA5Extra media size.

IsoA5Rotated | isoA5Rotated17

The IsoA5Rotated media size.

IsoA6 | isoA618

The IsoA6 media size.

IsoA6Rotated | isoA6Rotated19

The IsoA6Rotated media size.

IsoA7 | isoA720

The IsoA7 media size.

IsoA8 | isoA821

The IsoA8 media size.

IsoA9 | isoA922

The IsoA9 media size.

IsoB0 | isoB023

The IsoB0 media size.

IsoB1 | isoB124

The IsoB1 media size.

IsoB10 | isoB1025

The IsoB10 media size.

IsoB2 | isoB226

The IsoB2 media size.

IsoB3 | isoB327

The IsoB3 media size.

IsoB4 | isoB428

The IsoB4 media size.

IsoB4Envelope | isoB4Envelope29

The IsoB4Envelope media size.

IsoB5Envelope | isoB5Envelope30

The IsoB5Envelope media size.

IsoB5Extra | isoB5Extra31

The IsoB5Extra media size.

IsoB7 | isoB732

The IsoB7 media size.

IsoB8 | isoB833

The IsoB8 media size.

IsoB9 | isoB934

The IsoB9 media size.

IsoC0 | isoC035

The IsoC0 media size.

IsoC1 | isoC136

The IsoC1 media size.

IsoC10 | isoC1037

The IsoC10 media size.

IsoC2 | isoC238

The IsoC2 media size.

IsoC3 | isoC339

The IsoC3 media size.

IsoC3Envelope | isoC3Envelope40

The IsoC3Envelope media size.

IsoC4 | isoC441

The IsoC4 media size.

IsoC4Envelope | isoC4Envelope42

The IsoC4Envelope media size.

IsoC5 | isoC543

The IsoC5 media size.

IsoC5Envelope | isoC5Envelope44

The IsoC5Envelope media size.

IsoC6 | isoC645

The IsoC6 media size.

IsoC6C5Envelope | isoC6C5Envelope46

The IsoC6C5Envelope media size.

IsoC6Envelope | isoC6Envelope47

The IsoC6Envelope media size.

IsoC7 | isoC748

The IsoC7 media size.

IsoC8 | isoC849

The IsoC8 media size.

IsoC9 | isoC950

The IsoC9 media size.

IsoDLEnvelope | isoDLEnvelope51

The IsoDLEnvelope media size.

IsoDLEnvelopeRotated | isoDLEnvelopeRotated52

The IsoDLEnvelopeRotated media size.

IsoSRA3 | isoSRA353

The IsoSRA3 media size.

Japan2LPhoto | japan2LPhoto54

The Japan2LPhoto media size.

JapanChou3Envelope | japanChou3Envelope55

The JapanChou3Envelope media size.

JapanChou3EnvelopeRotated | japanChou3EnvelopeRotated56

The JapanChou3EnvelopeRotated media size.

JapanChou4Envelope | japanChou4Envelope57

The JapanChou4Envelope media size.

JapanChou4EnvelopeRotated | japanChou4EnvelopeRotated58

The JapanChou4EnvelopeRotated media size.

JapanDoubleHagakiPostcard | japanDoubleHagakiPostcard59

The JapanChouDoubleHagakiPostcard media size.

JapanDoubleHagakiPostcardRotated | japanDoubleHagakiPostcardRotated60

The JapanChouDoubleHagakiPostcardRotated media size.

JapanHagakiPostcard | japanHagakiPostcard61

The JapanHagakiPostcard media size.

JapanHagakiPostcardRotated | japanHagakiPostcardRotated62

The JapanHagakiPostcardRotated media size.

JapanKaku2Envelope | japanKaku2Envelope63

The JapanKaku2Envelope media size.

JapanKaku2EnvelopeRotated | japanKaku2EnvelopeRotated64

The JapanKaku2EnvelopeRotated media size.

JapanKaku3Envelope | japanKaku3Envelope65

The JapanKaku3Envelope media size.

JapanKaku3EnvelopeRotated | japanKaku3EnvelopeRotated66

The JapanKaku3EnvelopeRotated media size.

JapanLPhoto | japanLPhoto67

The JapanlPhoto media size.

JapanQuadrupleHagakiPostcard | japanQuadrupleHagakiPostcard68

The JapanQuadrupleHagakiPostcard media size.

JapanYou1Envelope | japanYou1Envelope69

The JapanYou1Envelope media size.

JapanYou2Envelope | japanYou2Envelope70

The JapanYou2Envelope media size.

JapanYou3Envelope | japanYou3Envelope71

The JapanYou3Envelope media size.

JapanYou4Envelope | japanYou4Envelope72

The JapanYou4Envelope media size.

JapanYou4EnvelopeRotated | japanYou4EnvelopeRotated73

The JapanYou4EnvelopeRotated media size.

JapanYou6Envelope | japanYou6Envelope74

The JapanYou6Envelope media size.

JapanYou6EnvelopeRotated | japanYou6EnvelopeRotated75

The JapanYou6EnvelopeRotated media size.

JisB0 | jisB076

The JisB0 media size.

JisB1 | jisB177

The JisB1 media size.

JisB10 | jisB1078

The JisB10 media size.

JisB2 | jisB279

The JisB2 media size.

JisB3 | jisB380

The JisB3 media size.

JisB4 | jisB481

The JisB4 media size.

JisB4Rotated | jisB4Rotated82

The JisB4 media size.

JisB5 | jisB583

The JisB5 media size.

JisB5Rotated | jisB5Rotated84

The JisB5Rotated media size.

JisB6 | jisB685

The JisB6 media size.

JisB6Rotated | jisB6Rotated86

The JisB6Rotated media size.

JisB7 | jisB787

The JisB7 media size.

JisB8 | jisB888

The JisB8 media size.

JisB9 | jisB989

The JisB9 media size.

NorthAmerica10x11 | northAmerica10x1190

The NorthAmerica10x11 media size.

NorthAmerica10x12 | northAmerica10x1291

The NorthAmerica10x12 media size.

NorthAmerica10x14 | northAmerica10x1492

The NorthAmerica10x14 media size.

NorthAmerica11x17 | northAmerica11x1793

The NorthAmerica11x17 media size.

NorthAmerica14x17 | northAmerica14x1794

The NorthAmerica14x17 media size.

NorthAmerica4x6 | northAmerica4x695

The NorthAmerica4x6 media size.

NorthAmerica4x8 | northAmerica4x896

The NorthAmerica4x8 media size.

NorthAmerica5x7 | northAmerica5x797

The NorthAmerica5x7 media size.

NorthAmerica8x10 | northAmerica8x1098

The NorthAmerica8x10 media size.

NorthAmerica9x11 | northAmerica9x1199

The NorthAmerica9x11 media size.

NorthAmericaArchitectureASheet | northAmericaArchitectureASheet100

The NorthAmericaArchitectureASheet media size.

NorthAmericaArchitectureBSheet | northAmericaArchitectureBSheet101

The NorthAmericaArchitectureBSheet media size.

NorthAmericaArchitectureCSheet | northAmericaArchitectureCSheet102

The NorthAmericaArchitectureCSheet media size.

NorthAmericaArchitectureDSheet | northAmericaArchitectureDSheet103

The NorthAmericaArchitectureDSheet media size.

NorthAmericaArchitectureESheet | northAmericaArchitectureESheet104

The NorthAmericaArchitectureESheet media size.

NorthAmericaCSheet | northAmericaCSheet105

The NorthAmericaCSheet media size.

NorthAmericaDSheet | northAmericaDSheet106

The NorthAmericaDSheet media size.

NorthAmericaESheet | northAmericaESheet107

The NorthAmericaESheet media sze.

NorthAmericaExecutive | northAmericaExecutive108

The NorthAmericaExecutive media size.

NorthAmericaGermanLegalFanfold | northAmericaGermanLegalFanfold109

The NorthAmericaGermanLegalFanfold media size.

NorthAmericaGermanStandardFanfold | northAmericaGermanStandardFanfold110

The NorthAmericaGermanStandardFanfold media size.

NorthAmericaLegal | northAmericaLegal111

The NorthAmericaLegal media size.

NorthAmericaLegalExtra | northAmericaLegalExtra112

The NorthAmericaLegalExtra media size.

NorthAmericaLetter | northAmericaLetter113

The NorthAmericaLetter media size.

NorthAmericaLetterExtra | northAmericaLetterExtra114

The NorthAmericaLetterExtra media size.

NorthAmericaLetterPlus | northAmericaLetterPlus115

The NorthAmericaLetterPlus media size.

NorthAmericaLetterRotated | northAmericaLetterRotated116

The NorthAmericaLetterRotated media size.

NorthAmericaMonarchEnvelope | northAmericaMonarchEnvelope117

The NorthAmericaMonarchEnvelope media size.

NorthAmericaNote | northAmericaNote118

The NorthAmericaNote media size.

NorthAmericaNumber10Envelope | northAmericaNumber10Envelope119

The NorthAmericaNumber10Envelope media size.

NorthAmericaNumber10EnvelopeRotated | northAmericaNumber10EnvelopeRotated120

The NorthAmericaNumber10EnvelopeRotated media size.

NorthAmericaNumber11Envelope | northAmericaNumber11Envelope121

The NorthAmericaNumber11Envelope media size.

NorthAmericaNumber12Envelope | northAmericaNumber12Envelope122

The NorthAmericaNumber12Envelope media size.

NorthAmericaNumber14Envelope | northAmericaNumber14Envelope123

The NorthAmericaNumber14Envelope media size.

NorthAmericaNumber9Envelope | northAmericaNumber9Envelope124

The NorthAmericaNumber9Envelope media size.

NorthAmericaPersonalEnvelope | northAmericaPersonalEnvelope125

The NorthAmericaPersonalEnvelope media size.

NorthAmericaQuarto | northAmericaQuarto126

The NorthAmericaQuarto media size.

NorthAmericaStatement | northAmericaStatement127

The NorthAmericaStatement media size.

NorthAmericaSuperA | northAmericaSuperA128

The NorthAmericaSuperA media size.

NorthAmericaSuperB | northAmericaSuperB129

The NorthAmericaSuperB media size.

NorthAmericaTabloid | northAmericaTabloid130

The NorthAmericaTabloid media size.

NorthAmericaTabloidExtra | northAmericaTabloidExtra131

The NorthAmericaTabloidExtra media size.

OtherMetricA3Plus | otherMetricA3Plus132

The OtherMetricA3Plus media size.

OtherMetricA4Plus | otherMetricA4Plus133

The OtherMetricA4Plus media size.

OtherMetricFolio | otherMetricFolio134

The OtherMetricFolio media size.

OtherMetricInviteEnvelope | otherMetricInviteEnvelope135

OtherMetricInviteEnvelope media size.

OtherMetricItalianEnvelope | otherMetricItalianEnvelope136

The OtherMetricItalianEnvelope media size.

Prc10Envelope | prc10Envelope137

The Prc10Envelope media size.

Prc10EnvelopeRotated | prc10EnvelopeRotated138

The Prc10EnvelopeRotated media size.

Prc16K | prc16K139

The Prc16K media size.

Prc16KRotated | prc16KRotated140

The Prc16KRotated media size.

Prc1Envelope | prc1Envelope141

The Prc1Envelope media size.

Prc1EnvelopeRotated | prc1EnvelopeRotated142

The Prc1EnvelopeRotated media size.

Prc2Envelope | prc2Envelope143

The Prc2Envelope media size.

Prc2EnvelopeRotated | prc2EnvelopeRotated144

The Prc2EnvelopeRotated media size.

Prc32K | prc32K145

The Prc32K media size.

Prc32KBig | prc32KBig146

The Prc32KBig media size.

Prc32KRotated | prc32KRotated147

The Prc32KRotated media size.

Prc3Envelope | prc3Envelope148

The Prc3Envelope media size.

Prc3EnvelopeRotated | prc3EnvelopeRotated149

The Prc3EnvelopeRotated media size.

Prc4Envelope | prc4Envelope150

The Prc4Envelope media size.

Prc4EnvelopeRotated | prc4EnvelopeRotated151

The Prc4EnvelopeRotated media size.

Prc5Envelope | prc5Envelope152

The Prc5Envelope media size.

Prc5EnvelopeRotated | prc5EnvelopeRotated153

The Prc5EnvelopeRotated media size.

Prc6Envelope | prc6Envelope154

The Prc6Envelope media size.

Prc6EnvelopeRotated | prc6EnvelopeRotated155

The Prc6EnvelopeRotated media size.

Prc7Envelope | prc7Envelope156

The Prc7Envelope media size.

Prc7EnvelopeRotated | prc7EnvelopeRotated157

The Prc7EnvelopeRotated media size.

Prc8Envelope | prc8Envelope158

The Prc8Envelope media size.

Prc8EnvelopeRotated | prc8EnvelopeRotated159

The Prc8EnvelopeRotated media size.

Prc9Envelope | prc9Envelope160

The Prc9Envelope media size.

Prc9EnvelopeRotated | prc9EnvelopeRotated161

The Prc9EnvelopeRotated media size.

Roll04Inch | roll04Inch162

The Roll04Inch media size.

Roll06Inch | roll06Inch163

The Roll06Inch media size.

Roll08Inch | roll08Inch164

The Roll08Inch media size.

Roll12Inch | roll12Inch165

The Roll12Inch media size.

Roll15Inch | roll15Inch166

The Roll15Inch media size.

Roll18Inch | roll18Inch167

The Roll18Inch media size.

Roll22Inch | roll22Inch168

The Roll22Inch media size.

Roll24Inch | roll24Inch169

The Roll24Inch media size.

Roll30Inch | roll30Inch170

The Roll30Inch media size.

Roll36Inch | roll36Inch171

The Roll36Inch media size.

Roll54Inch | roll54Inch172

The Roll54Inch media size.

Requirements (Windows 10 device family)

Device family

Universal, introduced version 10.0.10240.0 [for Xbox, see UWP features that aren't yet supported on Xbox]

API contract

Windows.Foundation.UniversalApiContract, introduced version 1.0


Windows::Graphics::Printing [C++]



Requirements (Windows 8.x and Windows Phone 8.x)

Minimum supported client

Windows 8

Minimum supported server

Windows Server 2012

Minimum supported phone

None supported


Windows::Graphics::Printing [C++]




[ Version(0x06020000)]