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Windows.Globalization namespace

Provides globalization support for language profiles, geographic regions, and international calendars.


The Windows.Globalization namespace has these types of members:


ApplicationLanguages Specifies the language-related preferences that the app can use and maintain.
Calendar Manipulates the representation of a date and time within a given calendar and clock.
CalendarIdentifiers Contains the calendar identifiers for the supported calendars, as static properties.
ClockIdentifiers Contains the clock identifiers for the supported clocks, as static properties.
CurrencyIdentifiers Contains the currency identifiers for the supported currencies, as static properties.
GeographicRegion Describes a region. This is usually a country, but may be a macroregion.
JapanesePhoneme Represents a single Japanese word (a reading) that has been extracted from a Japanese string by JapanesePhoneticAnalyzer.
JapanesePhoneticAnalyzer Reads a Japanese string that is a combination of Kanji characters and Hiragana characters, and returns a collection of proper readings from the string with word breaks.
Language A class that provides information related to BCP-47 language tags such as the language name and the script.
NumeralSystemIdentifiers Contains the numeral system identifiers for the supported numeral systems, as static properties.



The Windows.Globalization namespace has these enumerations.

DayOfWeek Identifies the day of the week.



If your app passes language tags from this namespace to any National Language Support functions, it must first convert the tags by calling ResolveLocaleName.

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