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Certify your desktop application

Follow these steps to get your desktop app certified for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1, and Windows 10.

Important: Desktop application listings are not a part of the Windows 10 Dev Center and Windows 10 Store experiences. Existing Desktop application listings will not be discoverable in the Windows Store on Windows 10, but will remain available for Windows 8 and 8.1 users. While existing desktop application listings cannot be updated in the Windows Dev Center, it is still possible to file a support ticket to have a listing removed by Microsoft.

For more information on Unified Dev Center dashboard preview and other upcoming Store changes, visit the Building Apps blog.

Step 1: Prep for certification

What are the benefits?

Certifying your desktop app provides several benefits for you and your customers.

Read the requirements

Review the technical requirements and eligibility qualifications that a desktop app must meet.

Step 2: Test your app with the Windows App Certification Kit

Get the Kit

To certify your app, you have to install and run the Windows App Certification Kit (included in the Windows SDK).

Using the Kit

Before you can submit your app, you must test it for readiness. You can also download a copy of the app certification white paper.

Review test details

Get the list of the tests your app needs to pass to qualify for compatibility with the latest Windows operating system.

Step 3: Establish a dashboard account

Set up your account

If your company isn't already registered, you must register it through the Windows Certification Dashboard.

Get a code signing certificate

Before you can establish a Windows Certification Dashboard account, you need to get a code signing certificate to secure your digital information.

Step 4: Certify your app

Test locally and upload the results

After your run the Windows App Certification Kit tests, upload the results to the Windows Certification Dashboard.

Manage your submission

After you submit your app for certification, you can review your submission through the Windows Certification Dashboard.

Step 5: Promote your desktop app (optional)

Verify your listing in the Compatibility Center

Update your app's compatibility status or add apps by using the Windows Certification Dashboard.

Use the logo with your app

Display the logo on packaging and in ads and other promotional materials according to the guidelines. For Windows 7 apps, see the Windows 7 logo information.

App compatibility forum

Find support from the community about compatibility and logo certification.

Windows SDK blog

Find tips and news related to app certification.

Windows Server forum

Visit the Certification forum to get answers.

Compatibility cookbook

Get info about what's new or changed in the latest version of Windows.