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DirectComposition samples

The following sample applications show how to use the Microsoft DirectComposition API and demonstrate its capabilities.

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DirectComposition layered child window sample

Demonstrates how to use DirectComposition to animate the bitmap of a layered child window.

Managing DirectCompositi​on Animation with Windows Animation Manager v2

Demonstrates how Windows Animation Manager v2 can be used to generate animation curves (functions) that can be consumed by DirectComposition​ to create animated transitions in a desktop application.


Demonstrates how to use DirectComposition to apply animations and effects to visuals that have Direct2D bitmap content.

DirectComposition Backface Visibility and D2D Batching

Demonstrates how to use the DirectComposition API to apply backface visibility to a visual element to show and hide the back side of a DirectComposition visual. This sample also demonstrates a performance optimization of batching D2D BeginDraw/EndDraw calls.


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