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IHardwareAudioEngineBase::GetEngineFormat method

The GetEngineFormat method retrieves the current data format of the offloaded audio stream.


HRESULT GetEngineFormat(
  [in]   IMMDevice   *pDevice,
  [in]  BOOL         bRequestDeviceFormat,
  [out] WAVEFORMATEX **ppwfxFormat


pDevice [in]

A pointer to an IMMDevice interface.

bRequestDeviceFormat [in]

A Boolean variable that indicates whether or not the IMMDevice interface is being accessed to retrieve the device format.

ppwfxFormat [out]

A pointer to a pointer to a WAVEFORMATEX structure that provides information about the hardware audio engine. This includes the waveform audio format type, the number of audio channels, and the sample rate of the audio engine.

Return value

The GetEngineFormat method returns S_OK to indicate that it has completed successfully. Otherwise it returns an appropriate error code.

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