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Why Develop for Windows
Learn why Microsoft PixelSense is great for developing applications using touch and objects.
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Get training to design and develop touch applications for Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense and Windows touch PCs.


Bring people together to connect, learn and decide using touch and everyday objects

The Microsoft Surface 2.0 SDK makes it easy to write applications designed for touch – but that’s just the beginning. Use the resources below to help design amazing applications that people will demand.

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Search and watch your favorite YouTube videos with new PixelSense code sample
Microsoft MVP Gian Paolo Santopaolo, with Software Lab, has released a code sample of VideoStream for Microsoft PixelSense. This sample application enables people to search, watch and share their favorite YouTube videos on the Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense and other multitouch devices. (Pl... More... James Maki [SURFACE]
Touchtech introduces Lima for Samsung SUR40, Windows 8, and Windows 7 multitouch PCs
Touchtech introduces Touchtech Lima, a premium multitouch application that enables anyone to create and present premium interactive presentations using existing pictures, videos and documents. Touchtech Lima is designed for horizontal and vertical interactive displays, like the Samsung SUR40 with Mi... More... James Maki [SURFACE]
Johanna Rowe: A few tips about Microsoft PixelSense...
Our thanks again to Johanna Rowe, designer and Hardware Interaction Design and Development MVP, for sharing another guest blog post in French and English: A few tips about Microsoft PixelSense – A process to create great applications for the Samsung SUR40. Each time you want to create a PixelS... More... James Maki [SURFACE]