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IWMReaderPlaylistBurn interface

The IWMReaderPlaylistBurn interface verifies that the files in a playlist can be copied to CD, in the order in which they are specified. If any of the files in the list are DRM-protected, the licenses are checked. DRM version 10 licenses track the number of times files are copied to CD as part of a playlist. The methods of this interface are intended to support applications that copy entire playlists to compact disc.

An IWMReaderPlaylistBurn interface exists for every instance of the reader object or synchronous reader object. You can get a pointer to the IWMReaderPlaylistBurn interface by calling the QueryInterface method of any other interface on one of those objects.


The IWMReaderPlaylistBurn interface inherits from the IUnknown interface. IWMReaderPlaylistBurn also has these types of members:


The IWMReaderPlaylistBurn interface has these methods.


Cancels an initiated playlist burn.


Ends the playlist burning process, releasing any resources and updating counts for any DRM licenses involved.


Retrieves the results of the playlist file check. This check is initiated by the InitPlaylistBurn method.


Starts the playlist file check.


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