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Windows Dev Center

Develop desktop applications

Desktop technologies

Create desktop applications using Win32 & COM APIs to leverage features of the operating system: creating a UI, integrating with the shell and file system, and enabling networking and security for your applications.

Server and system technologies

Build server-based applications and services using Win32 and COM APIs for features of the operating system: managing system admin and installation, and taking advantage of server technologies like failover clustering and file and storage management.

API Index

Learn about the many API surfaces relevant to desktop applications, including Win32 and COM, API sets, Windows Runtime APIs, and .NET Framework APIs.

Tutorials and APIs

Create a UI

Develop a UI, integrate shell features, and connect events (like user input) to create a compelling user experience.

Access files and storage

Learn about accessing, transferring, synchronizing, and replicating data across file systems, networks, and databases.

Build graphics or games

Create games and high-performance multimedia applications, and build visually engaging UI animations.

Enable networking

Learn how to support and manage networking and internet access in your desktop applications.