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Pakistan events and contacts

Windows Developer Boot Camps

If you are interested in attending an immersive training on Windows 8 application development, then you should try Windows Developer Boot Camps. Learn from the best while you participate hands-on in building an application. For information a Developer Boot Camp near you, visit the Events page on Microsoft Pakistan Community.


App Labs

Windows App Labs is an initiative that Microsoft Pakistan has launched at the Microsoft headquarters to allow developers to build an application with the assistance of a lab instructor, or get help improving upon an existing application. For more information please check our blog.


Keep Up with the Microsoft Pakistan Community

Your first stop for everything Windows related in Pakistan starts with the Microsoft Pakistan Community. Visit our website, check our updates on Facebook and Twitter or get a bit more technical on our blog.


Contacts in Pakistan

photo of Tahir Masood

Tahir Masood

Dev and IT Pro Evangelist