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WinJS.UI.AppBarIcon enumeration

Applies to Windows and Windows Phone

Specifies the icon associated with an AppBarCommand object.


var WinJS.UI.AppBarIcon = {
  [see remarks] : [see remarks]


The AppBarIcon enumeration has these members.

[see remarks][see remarks]

See Remarks section for complete list.


The members of this enumeration are the possible values that the AppBarCommand.icon property can take. The members represent characters in the Segoe MDL2 Symbol font that appear as icons in the app bar.

Accept Accept
Accounts Accounts
Add Add
AddFriend Addfriend
Admin Admin
AlignCenter Aligncenter
AlignLeft Alignleft
Alignright Alignright
AllApps Allapps
Attach Attach
AttachCamera Attachcamera
Audio Audio
Back Back
BackToWindow Backtowindow
BlockContact Blockcontact
Bold Bold
Bookmarks Bookmarks
BrowsePhotos Browsephotos
BulletedList Bulletedlist
Calculator Calculator
Calendar Calendar
CalendarDay Calendarday
CalendarReply Calendarreply
CalendarWeek Calendarweek
Camera Camera
Cancel Cancel
Caption Caption
Cellphone Cellphone
Characters Characters
Clear Clear
ClearSelection Clearselection
ClosePane Closepane
Cloud Cloud
Comment Comment
Contact Contact
Contact2 Contact2
ContactInfo Contactinfo
ContactPresence Contactpresence
Copy Copy
Crop Crop
Cut Cut
Delete Delete
Directions Directions
DisableUpdates Disableupdates
DisconnectDrive Disconnectdrive
Dislike Dislike
DockBottom Dockbottom
DockLeft Dockleft
DockRight Dockright
Document Document
Download Download
Edit Edit
Emoji Emoji
Emoji2 Emoji2
FavoriteList Favoritelist
FavoriteStar Favoritestar
FavoriteStarFill Favoritestarfill
Filter Filter
FindLegacy Findlegacy
Flag Flag
Folder Folder
Font Font
Fontcolor Fontcolor
FontDecrease Fontdecrease
FontIncrease Fontincrease
FontSize Fontsize
Forward Forward
FourBars Fourbars
FullScreen Fullscreen
Globe Globe
Go Go
GoToStart Gotostart
GoToToday Gototoday
Hangup Hangup
Help Help
HideBCC Hidebcc
Highlight Highlight
Home Home
Import Import
ImportAll Importall
Important Important
Italic Italic
KeyboardClassic Keyboardclassic
LeaveChat Leavechat
Library Library
Like Like
LikeDislike Likedislike
Link Link
List List
Location Location
Mail Mail
MailFill Mailfill
MailForward Mailforward
MailReply Mailreply
MailReplyAll Mailreplyall
Manage Manage
MapDrive Mapdrive
Mappin Mappin
Memo Memo
Message Message
Microphone Microphone
More More
MoveToFolder Movetofolder
MusicInfo Musicinfo
Mute Mute
NewFolder Newfolder
NewWindow Newwindow
Next Next
OneBar Onebar
OpenFile Openfile
OpenLocal Openlocal
OpenPane Openpane
OpenWith Openwith
Orientation Orientation
OtherUser Otheruser
OutlineStarLegacy Outlinestarlegacy
Page Page
Paste Paste
Pause Pause
People People
Permissions Permissions
Phone Phone
PhoneBook Phonebook
Pin Pin
Play Play
PostUpdate Postupdate
Preview Preview
PreviewLink Previewlink
Previous Previous
Priority Priority
ProtectedDocument Protecteddocument
Read Read
Redo Redo
Refresh Refresh
Remote Remote
Remove Remove
Rename Rename
Repair Repair
RepeatAll Repeatall
RepeatOne Repeatone
ReportHacked Reporthacked
Reshare Reshare
Rotate Rotate
RotateCamera Rotatecamera
Save Save
SaveLocal Savelocal
Scan Scan
SelectAll Selectall
Send Send
SetLockScreen Setlockscreen
SetTile Settile
Settings Settings
Share Share
Shop Shop
ShowBCC Showbcc
ShowResults Showresults
Shuffle Shuffle
Slideshow Slideshow
SolidStarLegacy Solidstarlegacy
Sort Sort
Stop Stop
Street Street
Switch Switch
SwitchApps Switchapps
Sync Sync
SyncFolder Syncfolder
Tag Tag
ThreeBars Threebars
TouchPointer Touchpointer
Trim Trim
TwoBars Twobars
TwoPage Twopage
Underline Underline
Undo Undo
UnFavorite Unfavorite
UnPin Unpin
UnSyncFolder Unsyncfolder
Up Up
Upload Upload
VideoChat Videochat
View View
ViewAll Viewall
Volume Volume
Webcam Webcam
World World
ZeroBars Zerobars
Zoom Zoom
ZoomIn Zoomin
ZoomOut Zoomout



This example shows how to set the icon of an AppBarCommand.


Always refer to the icon by its member name. Never use the member values themselves; they are not listed in this document and are not guaranteed to remain constant in the future or among different Unicode code points.


var cmd = document.getElementById("command1").winControl;
cmd.icon = 'pause';


Minimum WinJS version

WinJS 1.0



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