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Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Migration Resource Center

Microsoft’s Commitment to VB 6.0 Customers- Microsoft is committed to helping Visual Basic 6.0 customers upgrade to .NET and preserve existing assets. Visual Studio shipped a Visual Basic 6.0 project migration wizard through 2008 in all Visual Studio SKUs. While Microsoft no longer ships the migration wizard, our partners are offering free migration tools and solutions. Here are more resources to help answer questions on how to migrate from Visual Basic 6.0 to Visual Basic .NET and Visual Studio 2010.

Migration Resources

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The first step in a phased migration to .NET is to assess which upgrade strategy is right for you in order to come up with a migration plan.

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More Resources



Tools for Code Preparation

Tools for Full and Phased Migration

  • Partner Tools & Solutions

    Leverage these free tools and solutions from our partner to assist you with a more complete migration from Visual Basic 6 to .NET.

  • Interop Forms Toolkit

    Used to enable phased migration, this free add-in for Visual Studio simplifies the process of displaying .NET forms and controls in a Visual Basic 6 application.

  • Visual Basic Power Packs

    Contains a set of controls to use in .NET forms that are familiar to Visual Basic 6 developers. It includes a DataRepeater control, Line and Shape controls, a PrintForm component, and a Printer Compatibility.