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System.Windows.Controls Namespace

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Provides classes to create elements, known as controls, that enable a user to interact with an application. The control classes are at the core of the user's experience with any application because they allow a user to view, select, or enter data or other information.

System_CAPS_pubclass AccessText

Specifies with an underscore the character that is used as the access key.

System_CAPS_pubclass ActivatingKeyTipEventArgs

Provides data for the ActivatingKeyTip event.

System_CAPS_pubclass AddingNewItemEventArgs

Provides data for the AddingNewItem event.

System_CAPS_pubclass AdornedElementPlaceholder

Represents the element used in a ControlTemplate to specify where a decorated control is placed relative to other elements in the ControlTemplate.

System_CAPS_pubclass AlternationConverter

Converts an integer to and from an object by applying the integer as an index to a list of objects.

System_CAPS_pubclass BooleanToVisibilityConverter

Represents the converter that converts Boolean values to and from Visibility enumeration values.

System_CAPS_pubclass Border

Draws a border, background, or both around another element.

System_CAPS_pubclass BorderGapMaskConverter

Represents a converter that converts the dimensions of a GroupBox control into a VisualBrush.

System_CAPS_pubclass Button

Represents a Windows button control, which reacts to the ButtonBaseClick event.

System_CAPS_pubclass Calendar

Represents a control that enables a user to select a date by using a visual calendar display.

System_CAPS_pubclass CalendarBlackoutDatesCollection

Represents a collection of non-selectable dates in a Calendar.

System_CAPS_pubclass CalendarDateChangedEventArgs

Provides data for the DisplayDateChanged event.

System_CAPS_pubclass CalendarDateRange

Represents a range of dates in a Calendar.

System_CAPS_pubclass CalendarModeChangedEventArgs

Provides data for the DisplayModeChanged event.

System_CAPS_pubclass Canvas

Defines an area within which you can explicitly position child elements by using coordinates that are relative to the Canvas area.

System_CAPS_pubclass CheckBox

Represents a control that a user can select and clear.

System_CAPS_pubclass CleanUpVirtualizedItemEventArgs

Provides data for the CleanUpVirtualizedItem event.

System_CAPS_pubclass ColumnDefinition

Defines column-specific properties that apply to Grid elements.

System_CAPS_pubclass ColumnDefinitionCollection

Provides access to an ordered, strongly typed collection of ColumnDefinition objects.

System_CAPS_pubclass ComboBox

Represents a selection control with a drop-down list that can be shown or hidden by clicking the arrow on the control.

System_CAPS_pubclass ComboBoxItem

Implements a selectable item inside a ComboBox.

System_CAPS_pubclass ContentControl

Represents a control with a single piece of content of any type.

System_CAPS_pubclass ContentPresenter

Displays the content of a ContentControl.

System_CAPS_pubclass ContextMenu

Represents a pop-up menu that enables a control to expose functionality that is specific to the context of the control.

System_CAPS_pubclass ContextMenuEventArgs

Provides data for the context menu event.

System_CAPS_pubclass ContextMenuService

Provides the system implementation for displaying a ContextMenu.

System_CAPS_pubclass Control

Represents the base class for user interface (UI) elements that use a ControlTemplate to define their appearance. 

System_CAPS_pubclass ControlTemplate

Specifies the visual structure and behavioral aspects of a Control that can be shared across multiple instances of the control.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataErrorValidationRule

Represents a rule that checks for errors that are raised by the IDataErrorInfo implementation of the source object.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataGrid

Represents a control that displays data in a customizable grid.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataGridAutoGeneratingColumnEventArgs

Provides data for the AutoGeneratingColumn event.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataGridBeginningEditEventArgs

Provides data for the DataGridBeginningEdit event.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataGridBoundColumn

Serves as the base class for columns that can bind to a property in the data source of a DataGrid.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataGridCell

Represents a cell of a DataGrid control.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataGridCellClipboardEventArgs
System_CAPS_pubclass DataGridCellEditEndingEventArgs

Provides data for the DataGridCellEditEnding event.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataGridCellsPanel

Represents a panel that lays out cells and column headers in a data grid.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataGridCheckBoxColumn

Represents a DataGrid column that hosts CheckBox controls in its cells.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataGridColumn

Represents a DataGrid column.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataGridColumnEventArgs

Provides data for the ColumnDisplayIndexChanged and ColumnReordered events.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataGridColumnReorderingEventArgs

Provides data for the ColumnReordering event.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataGridComboBoxColumn

Represents a DataGrid column that hosts ComboBox controls in its cells.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataGridHyperlinkColumn

Represents a DataGrid column that hosts Uri elements in its cells.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataGridLengthConverter

Converts instances of various types to and from instances of the DataGridLength class.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataGridPreparingCellForEditEventArgs

Provides data for the DataGridPreparingCellForEdit event.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataGridRow

Represents a DataGrid row.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataGridRowClipboardEventArgs

Provides data for the DataGridCopyingRowClipboardContent event.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataGridRowDetailsEventArgs
System_CAPS_pubclass DataGridRowEditEndingEventArgs

Provides data for the DataGridRowEditEnding event.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataGridRowEventArgs

Provides data for the DataGridLoadingRow and DataGridUnloadingRow events.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataGridSortingEventArgs

Provides data for the Sorting event.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataGridTemplateColumn

Represents a DataGrid column that hosts template-specified content in its cells.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataGridTextColumn

Represents a DataGrid column that hosts textual content in its cells.

System_CAPS_pubclass DataTemplateSelector

Provides a way to choose a DataTemplate based on the data object and the data-bound element.

System_CAPS_pubclass DatePicker

Represents a control that allows the user to select a date.

System_CAPS_pubclass DatePickerDateValidationErrorEventArgs

Provides data for the DatePickerDateValidationError event.

System_CAPS_pubclass Decorator

Provides a base class for elements that apply effects onto or around a single child element, such as Border or Viewbox.

System_CAPS_pubclass DefinitionBase

Defines the functionality required to support a shared-size group that is used by the ColumnDefinitionCollection and RowDefinitionCollection classes. This is an abstract class.

System_CAPS_pubclass DockPanel

Defines an area where you can arrange child elements either horizontally or vertically, relative to each other.

System_CAPS_pubclass DocumentViewer

Represents a document viewing control that can host paginated FixedDocument content such as an XpsDocument.

System_CAPS_pubclass ExceptionValidationRule

Represents a rule that checks for exceptions that are thrown during the update of the binding source property.

System_CAPS_pubclass Expander

Represents the control that displays a header that has a collapsible window that displays content.

System_CAPS_pubclass FlowDocumentPageViewer

Represents a control for viewing flow content in a fixed viewing mode that shows content one page at a time.

System_CAPS_pubclass FlowDocumentReader

Provides a control for viewing flow content, with built-in support for multiple viewing modes.

System_CAPS_pubclass FlowDocumentScrollViewer

Provides a control for viewing flow content in a continuous scrolling mode.

System_CAPS_pubclass Frame

Frame is a content control that supports navigation.

System_CAPS_pubclass Grid

Defines a flexible grid area that consists of columns and rows.

System_CAPS_pubclass GridSplitter

Represents the control that redistributes space between columns or rows of a Grid control.

System_CAPS_pubclass GridView

Represents a view mode that displays data items in columns for a ListView control.

System_CAPS_pubclass GridViewColumn

Represents a column that displays data.

System_CAPS_pubclass GridViewColumnCollection

Represents a collection of GridViewColumn objects.

System_CAPS_pubclass GridViewColumnHeader

Represents a column header for a GridViewColumn.

System_CAPS_pubclass GridViewHeaderRowPresenter

Represents an object that is used to define the layout of a row of column headers.

System_CAPS_pubclass GridViewRowPresenter

Represents an object that specifies the layout of a row of data.

System_CAPS_pubclass GroupBox

Represents a control that creates a container that has a border and a header for user interface (UI) content.

System_CAPS_pubclass GroupItem

Appears as the root of the visual subtree generated for a group.

System_CAPS_pubclass GroupStyle

Defines how you want the group to look at each level.

System_CAPS_pubclass HeaderedContentControl

Provides the base implementation for all controls that contain single content and have a header.

System_CAPS_pubclass HeaderedItemsControl

Represents a control that contains multiple items and has a header.

System_CAPS_pubclass Image

Represents a control that displays an image.

System_CAPS_pubclass InitializingNewItemEventArgs

Provides data for the InitializingNewItem event.

System_CAPS_pubclass InkCanvas

Defines an area that receives and displays ink strokes.

System_CAPS_pubclass InkCanvasGestureEventArgs

Provides data for the Gesture event.

System_CAPS_pubclass InkCanvasSelectionChangingEventArgs

Provides data for the SelectionChanging.

System_CAPS_pubclass InkCanvasSelectionEditingEventArgs

Provides data for the SelectionMoving and SelectionResizing events.

System_CAPS_pubclass InkCanvasStrokeCollectedEventArgs

Provides data for the StrokeCollected event.

System_CAPS_pubclass InkCanvasStrokeErasingEventArgs

Provides data for the StrokeErasing event.

System_CAPS_pubclass InkCanvasStrokesReplacedEventArgs

Provides data for the StrokesReplaced event.

System_CAPS_pubclass InkPresenter

Renders ink on a surface.

System_CAPS_pubclass ItemCollection

Holds the list of items that constitute the content of an ItemsControl.

System_CAPS_pubclass ItemContainerGenerator

Generates the user interface (UI) on behalf of its host, such as an  ItemsControl.

System_CAPS_pubclass ItemContainerTemplate

Provides the template for producing a container for an ItemsControl object.

System_CAPS_pubclass ItemContainerTemplateKey

Provides a resource key for an ItemContainerTemplate object.

System_CAPS_pubclass ItemContainerTemplateSelector

Enables you to select an ItemContainerTemplate for each item within an ItemsControl.

System_CAPS_pubclass ItemsControl

Represents a control that can be used to present a collection of items.

System_CAPS_pubclass ItemsPanelTemplate

Specifies the panel that the ItemsPresenter creates for the layout of the items of an ItemsControl.

System_CAPS_pubclass ItemsPresenter

Used within the template of an item control to specify the place in the control’s visual tree where the defined by the ItemsControl is to be added.

System_CAPS_pubclass KeyTipAccessedEventArgs

Provides data for the KeyTipAccessed event.

System_CAPS_pubclass KeyTipControl

Represents the control used inside the KeyTip.

System_CAPS_pubclass KeyTipService

Represents a service that provides properties, methods, and events to enable and manage KeyTips in WPF Ribbon controls.

System_CAPS_pubclass Label

Represents the text label for a control and provides support for access keys.

System_CAPS_pubclass ListBox

Contains a list of selectable items.

System_CAPS_pubclass ListBoxItem

Represents a selectable item in a ListBox.

System_CAPS_pubclass ListView

Represents a control that displays a list of data items.

System_CAPS_pubclass ListViewItem

Represents an item in a ListView control.

System_CAPS_pubclass MediaElement

Represents a control that contains audio and/or video.

System_CAPS_pubclass Menu

Represents a Windows menu control that enables you to hierarchically organize elements associated with commands and event handlers.

System_CAPS_pubclass MenuItem

Represents a selectable item inside a Menu.

System_CAPS_pubclass MenuScrollingVisibilityConverter

Represents a data-binding converter to handle the visibility of repeat buttons in scrolling menus.

System_CAPS_pubclass NotifyDataErrorValidationRule

Represents a rule that checks for errors that are raised by a data source that implements INotifyDataErrorInfo.

System_CAPS_pubclass Page

Encapsulates a page of content that can be navigated to and hosted by Windows Internet Explorer, NavigationWindow, and Frame.

System_CAPS_pubclass Panel

Provides a base class for all Panel elements. Use Panel elements to position and arrange child objects in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) applications.

System_CAPS_pubclass PasswordBox

Represents a control designed for entering and handling passwords.

System_CAPS_pubclass PrintDialog

Invokes a standard Microsoft Windows print dialog box that configures a PrintTicket and PrintQueue according to user input and then prints a document.

System_CAPS_pubclass PrintDialogException

The exception that is thrown when an error condition occurs during the opening, accessing, or using of a PrintDialog.

System_CAPS_pubclass ProgressBar

Indicates the progress of an operation.

System_CAPS_pubclass RadioButton

Represents a button that can be selected, but not cleared, by a user. The property of a RadioButton can be set by clicking it, but it can only be cleared programmatically.

System_CAPS_pubclass RichTextBox

Represents a rich editing control which operates on FlowDocument objects.

System_CAPS_pubclass RowDefinition

Defines row-specific properties that apply to Grid elements.

System_CAPS_pubclass RowDefinitionCollection

Provides access to an ordered, strongly typed collection of RowDefinition objects.

System_CAPS_pubclass ScrollChangedEventArgs

Describes a change in the scrolling state and contains the required arguments for a ScrollChanged event.

System_CAPS_pubclass ScrollContentPresenter

Displays the content of a ScrollViewer control.

System_CAPS_pubclass ScrollViewer

Represents a scrollable area that can contain other visible elements.

System_CAPS_pubclass SelectedCellsChangedEventArgs

Provides data for the SelectedCellsChanged event.

System_CAPS_pubclass SelectedDatesCollection

Represents a set of selected dates in a Calendar.

System_CAPS_pubclass SelectionChangedEventArgs

Provides data for the SelectionChanged event.

System_CAPS_pubclass Separator

Control that is used to separate items in items controls.

System_CAPS_pubclass Slider

Represents a control that lets the user select from a range of values by moving a control along a Track.

System_CAPS_pubclass SoundPlayerAction

Represents a lightweight audio playback TriggerAction used to play .wav files.

System_CAPS_pubclass SpellCheck

Provides real-time spell-checking functionality to text-editing controls, such as TextBox and RichTextBox.

System_CAPS_pubclass SpellingError

Represents a misspelled word in an editing control (i.e. TextBox or RichTextBox).

System_CAPS_pubclass StackPanel

Arranges child elements into a single line that can be oriented horizontally or vertically.

System_CAPS_pubclass StickyNoteControl

Represents a control that lets users attach typed text or handwritten annotations to documents.

System_CAPS_pubclass StyleSelector

Provides a way to apply styles based on custom logic.

System_CAPS_pubclass TabControl

Represents a control that contains multiple items that share the same space on the screen.

System_CAPS_pubclass TabItem

Represents a selectable item inside a TabControl.

System_CAPS_pubclass TextBlock

Provides a lightweight control for displaying small amounts of flow content.

System_CAPS_pubclass TextBox

Represents a control that can be used to display or edit unformatted text.

System_CAPS_pubclass TextChange

Contains information about the changes that occur in the TextChanged event.

System_CAPS_pubclass TextChangedEventArgs

Provides data for the TextChanged event.

System_CAPS_pubclass TextSearch

Enables a user to quickly access items in a set by typing prefixes of strings.

System_CAPS_pubclass ToolBar

Provides a container for a group of commands or controls.

System_CAPS_pubclass ToolBarTray

Represents the container that handles the layout of a ToolBar.

System_CAPS_pubclass ToolTip

Represents a control that creates a pop-up window that displays information for an element in the interface.

System_CAPS_pubclass ToolTipEventArgs

Provides event information for events that occur when a tooltip opens or closes.

System_CAPS_pubclass ToolTipService

Represents a service that provides properties and events to control the display and behavior of tooltips.

System_CAPS_pubclass TreeView

Represents a control that displays hierarchical data in a tree structure that has items that can expand and collapse.

System_CAPS_pubclass TreeViewItem

Implements a selectable item in a TreeView control.

System_CAPS_pubclass UIElementCollection

Represents an ordered collection of UIElement child elements.

System_CAPS_pubclass UserControl

Provides a simple way to create a control.

System_CAPS_pubclass Validation

Provides methods and attached properties that support data validation.

System_CAPS_pubclass ValidationError

Represents a validation error that is created either by the binding engine when a ValidationRule reports a validation error, or through the MarkInvalid method explicitly.

System_CAPS_pubclass ValidationErrorEventArgs

Provides information for the ValidationError attached event.

System_CAPS_pubclass ValidationResult

Represents the result returned by the ValidationRule. Validate method that indicates whether the checked value passed the ValidationRule.

System_CAPS_pubclass ValidationRule

Provides a way to create a custom rule in order to check the validity of user input.

System_CAPS_pubclass ViewBase

Represents the base class for views that define the appearance of data in a ListView control.

System_CAPS_pubclass Viewbox

Defines a content decorator that can stretch and scale a single child to fill the available space.

System_CAPS_pubclass Viewport3D

Renders the contained 3-D content within the 2-D layout bounds of the Viewport3D element.

System_CAPS_pubclass VirtualizationCacheLengthConverter

Converts objects to and from a VirtualizationCacheLength.

System_CAPS_pubclass VirtualizingPanel

Provides a framework for Panel elements that virtualize their child data collection. This is an abstract class.

System_CAPS_pubclass VirtualizingStackPanel

Arranges and virtualizes content on a single line that is oriented either horizontally or vertically.

System_CAPS_pubclass WebBrowser

Hosts and navigates between HTML documents. Enables interoperability between WPF managed code and HTML script.

System_CAPS_pubclass WrapPanel

Positions child elements in sequential position from left to right, breaking content to the next line at the edge of the containing box. Subsequent ordering happens sequentially from top to bottom or from right to left, depending on the value of the property.

System_CAPS_pubstructure DataGridCellInfo

Represents information about a specific cell in a DataGrid.

System_CAPS_pubstructure DataGridClipboardCellContent

Encapsulates the value and location of a DataGrid cell for use when copying content to the Clipboard.

System_CAPS_pubstructure DataGridLength

Represents the lengths of elements within the DataGrid control.

System_CAPS_pubstructure HierarchicalVirtualizationConstraints

Specifies the sizes of a control's viewport and cache. This structure is used by the IHierarchicalVirtualizationAndScrollInfo interface.

System_CAPS_pubstructure HierarchicalVirtualizationHeaderDesiredSizes

Represents the desired size of the control's header, in pixels and in logical units. This structure is used by the IHierarchicalVirtualizationAndScrollInfo interface.

System_CAPS_pubstructure HierarchicalVirtualizationItemDesiredSizes

Represents the desired size of the control's items, in device-independent units (1/96th inch per unit) and in logical units.

System_CAPS_pubstructure PageRange

Specifies a range of pages.

System_CAPS_pubstructure VirtualizationCacheLength

Represents the measurements for the VirtualizingPanelCacheLength attached property.

System_CAPS_pubdelegate ActivatingKeyTipEventHandler

Represents the method that handles the ActivatingKeyTip attached event of a KeyTipService.

System_CAPS_pubdelegate CleanUpVirtualizedItemEventHandler

Represents the method that handles the VirtualizingStackPanelCleanUpVirtualizedItem attached events.

System_CAPS_pubdelegate ContextMenuEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the FrameworkElementContextMenuOpening and ContextMenuClosing routed events, as well as equivalent ContentElement events.

System_CAPS_pubdelegate DataGridSortingEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the Sorting event of a DataGrid.

System_CAPS_pubdelegate GroupStyleSelector

Delegate used to select the group style as a function of the parent group and its level.

System_CAPS_pubdelegate InitializingNewItemEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the InitializingNewItem event of a DataGrid.

System_CAPS_pubdelegate InkCanvasGestureEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the Gesture event of a InkCanvas.

System_CAPS_pubdelegate InkCanvasSelectionChangingEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the SelectionChanging event of a InkCanvas.

System_CAPS_pubdelegate InkCanvasSelectionEditingEventHandler

Represents the method that handles two events raised when changes occur on an InkCanvas: the SelectionMoving event, or the SelectionResizing event.

System_CAPS_pubdelegate InkCanvasStrokeCollectedEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the StrokeCollected event of an InkCanvas.

System_CAPS_pubdelegate InkCanvasStrokeErasingEventHandler

Represents the method that handles the StrokeErasing event for an InkCanvas.

System_CAPS_pubdelegate InkCanvasStrokesReplacedEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the StrokesReplaced event of a InkCanvas.

System_CAPS_pubdelegate KeyTipAccessedEventHandler

Represents the method that handles the KeyTipAccessed attached event of a KeyTipService.

System_CAPS_pubdelegate ScrollChangedEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the ScrollViewerScrollChanged routed event.

System_CAPS_pubdelegate SelectedCellsChangedEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the SelectedCellsChanged event of a DataGrid.

System_CAPS_pubdelegate SelectionChangedEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the SelectionChanged routed event.

System_CAPS_pubdelegate TextChangedEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle the TextBoxBaseTextChanged  routed event.

System_CAPS_pubdelegate ToolTipEventHandler

Represents the method that will handle routed event that occur when a tooltip opens and closes.

System_CAPS_pubenum CalendarMode

Specifies whether a Calendar displays a month, year, or decade.

System_CAPS_pubenum CalendarSelectionMode

Specifies whether a single or multiple dates can be selected in a Calendar.

System_CAPS_pubenum CharacterCasing

Specifies the case of characters typed manually into a TextBox control.

System_CAPS_pubenum ClickMode

Specifies when the Click event should be raised.

System_CAPS_pubenum DataGridClipboardCopyMode

Defines constants that specify whether users can copy data from a DataGrid control to the Clipboard and whether column header values are included.

System_CAPS_pubenum DataGridEditAction

Defines constants that specify whether an edit is being canceled or committed.

System_CAPS_pubenum DataGridEditingUnit

Defines constants that specify whether editing is enabled on a cell level or on a row level.

System_CAPS_pubenum DataGridGridLinesVisibility

Defines constants that specify the visibility of the grid lines in a DataGrid.

System_CAPS_pubenum DataGridHeadersVisibility

Defines constants that specify the visibility of row and column headers in a DataGrid.

System_CAPS_pubenum DataGridLengthUnitType

Defines constants that specify how elements in a DataGrid are sized.

System_CAPS_pubenum DataGridRowDetailsVisibilityMode

Defines constants that specify when DataGrid row details are displayed.

System_CAPS_pubenum DataGridSelectionMode

Defines constants that specify whether single or multiple item selections are supported by a DataGrid control.

System_CAPS_pubenum DataGridSelectionUnit

Defines constants that specify whether cells, rows, or both, are used for selection in a DataGrid control.

System_CAPS_pubenum DatePickerFormat

Specifies date formats for a DatePicker.

System_CAPS_pubenum Dock

Specifies the Dock position of a child element that is inside a DockPanel.

System_CAPS_pubenum ExpandDirection

Specifies the direction in which an Expander control opens.

System_CAPS_pubenum FlowDocumentReaderViewingMode

Names viewing modes for the FlowDocumentReader control.

System_CAPS_pubenum GridResizeBehavior

Specifies the rows or columns that are resized by a GridSplitter control.

System_CAPS_pubenum GridResizeDirection

Specifies whether a GridSplitter control redistributes space between rows or between columns.

System_CAPS_pubenum GridViewColumnHeaderRole

Defines the state or role of a GridViewColumnHeader control.

System_CAPS_pubenum InkCanvasClipboardFormat

Specifies the formats that an InkCanvas will accept from the Clipboard.

System_CAPS_pubenum InkCanvasEditingMode

Specifies the editing mode for the InkCanvas

System_CAPS_pubenum InkCanvasSelectionHitResult

Identifies the various parts of a selection adorner on an InkCanvas.

System_CAPS_pubenum KeyTipHorizontalPlacement

Specifies the values for the horizontal placement of the KeyTip relative to its placement target.

System_CAPS_pubenum KeyTipVerticalPlacement

Specifies the values for the vertical placement of the KeyTip relative to its placement target.

System_CAPS_pubenum MediaState

Specifies the states that can be applied to a MediaElement for the and properties.

System_CAPS_pubenum MenuItemRole

Defines the different roles that a MenuItem can have.

System_CAPS_pubenum Orientation

Defines the different orientations that a control or layout can have.

System_CAPS_pubenum OverflowMode

Specifies how ToolBar items are placed in the main toolbar panel and in the overflow panel.

System_CAPS_pubenum PageRangeSelection

Specifies whether all the pages or only a limited range will be processed by an operation, usually printing.

System_CAPS_pubenum PanningMode

Specifies how ScrollViewer reacts to touch manipulation.

System_CAPS_pubenum ScrollBarVisibility

Specifies the visibility of a ScrollBar for scrollable content.

System_CAPS_pubenum ScrollUnit

Specifies the type of unit that is used by the VirtualizingPanelScrollUnit attached property.

System_CAPS_pubenum SelectionMode

Defines the selection behavior for a ListBox.

System_CAPS_pubenum SelectiveScrollingOrientation

Specifies the direction that SelectiveScrollingGrid panels can scroll.

System_CAPS_pubenum SpellingReform

Specifies the spelling reform rules used by the spellchecker of the text editing control (i.e. TextBox or RichTextBox).

System_CAPS_pubenum StickyNoteType

Specifies whether a StickyNoteControl accepts text or ink.

System_CAPS_pubenum StretchDirection

Describes how scaling applies to content and restricts scaling to named axis types.

System_CAPS_pubenum UndoAction

How the undo stack caused or is affected by a text change.

System_CAPS_pubenum ValidationErrorEventAction

Describes whether a ValidationError object has been added or cleared.

System_CAPS_pubenum ValidationStep

Specifies when a ValidationRule runs.

System_CAPS_pubenum VirtualizationCacheLengthUnit

Specifies the type of unit that is used by the VirtualizingPanelCacheLength attached property.

System_CAPS_pubenum VirtualizationMode

Specifies the method the VirtualizingStackPanel uses to manage virtualizing its child items.

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