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Visual Basic resources

Visual Basic is modern, high-level, multi-paradigm, general-purpose programming language for building apps using Visual Studio and the .NET Framework. Designed to be both easy-to-learn by beginners and powerful for experts Visual Basic uses an English-like syntax which promotes clarity and readability in combination with an extensive set of advanced features and a philosophy that emphasizes flexibility, productivity, and great tooling.

Get Visual Basic (free)

Get Visual Basic for free with Visual Studio 2013 Express Editions and start building great apps for the Windows, Windows Phone, and the Web today!

Learn Visual Basic

Developing applications with Visual Basic

Read the essential documentation on the Visual Basic language, including features and programming topics.

Visual Basic Fundamentals: Development for Absolute Beginners

Check out this 25-episode video series for learning the fundamentals of Visual Basic programming.

Asynchronous programming with Visual Basic

Learn the essentials of asynchronous programming with Async and Await.

Getting started with .NET and Visual Studio

Get the resources you need for developing .NET Framework apps.

Programming concepts

Explore programming concepts that can be used in both Visual Basic and C#, including object-oriented programming, LINQ, Async, and more.

What C# Devs Should Know about VB Programming

VB and C# share many similarities but also have several significant differences, and developers who specialize in one often find themselves having to understand or manipulate code written in the other. Learn what you need to know to program effectively in VB as a C# programmer.

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Download Visual Studio 2013

Get the great new features in Visual Studio 2013, including innovative editor enhancements such as Peek and CodeLens, diagnostics tools for UI responsiveness and energy consumption, major updates for ASP.NET web development, expanded ALM capabilities with Git support and agile portfolio management, and much more.

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AT&T Developer Program
Expose AT&T APIs like Speech, SMS, and MMS through the AT&T API SDKs for Windows. Use the sample code, source code, and intrinsic features to quickly build and release C# and Visual Basic applications to market.