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Visual C++ Resources

Download Visual Studio 2013
Download Visual Studio 2013
Get the great new features in Visual Studio 2013, including innovative editor enhancements such as P... more
Build faster, high performing native applications using PGO
Build faster, high performing native applications using PGO
Learn about the Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) runtime compiler optimization.

Visual Studio supports C++11

Welcome back to C++ (Modern C++)

Leave behind the C-style programming of yesterday and explore modern C++ instead!

Visual C++ support for C++11 features

What Visual C++ supports now.

C++ and Visual Studio—What's in it for me?

Why Visual Studio

Every edition of Visual Studio contains Visual C++ language and tool features. Explore which edition is best for you.

Great features in Visual C++ in Visual Studio 2013

Learn about what's new for Visual C++ in Visual Studio 2013

"How Do I" videos

Get videos designed for Visual C++ developers, from the novice to the professional. If you are new to Visual C++, you can learn the basics of native coding.

C++ language and standard libraries

Get guidelines and reference content for the Microsoft implementation of the ISO standards for C and C++.

Upgrading in C++

Breaking changes in Visual C++
Compare versions

C++ programming basics

C++ tutorial from
C++ tutorial from
Standard C++ from the Standard C++ Foundation

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