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How Do I: Build an End Point to Receive Application Analytics Messages in VS2010?


About This Video:

Learn how to implement your own Runtime Intelligence service and store and report on application analytics using your in-house servers. Use Visual Studio 2010 and the freely available Dotfuscator Software Services Community Edition to instrument your applications, and the open source Runtime Intelligence Endpoint Starter Kit at to build a basic application usage tracking and reporting system. All of your .Net 2.0+ applications can then be instrumented to send their usage information to your URL. and The Runtime Intelligence Starter Kit gives you a sample database, data persistence service, queries, reports, and a SharePoint Web Part that shows you exactly how your users are using your application. For more information on Dotfuscator Software Services in Visual Studio 2010 please see the article Using Visual Studio 2010 to Collect Usage, Performance and Stability Information to Improve Software.


Presented by: Joe Kuemerle



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