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Team Foundation Server

Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2013 (TFS) is the collaboration platform at the core of Microsoft's application lifecycle management (ALM) solution. TFS supports agile development practices, multiple IDEs and platforms locally or in the cloud and gives you the tools you need to effectively manage software development projects throughout the IT lifecycle.

Get Started

Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server

Learn to manage your application's lifecycle by using the suite of client-server tools in Visual Studio Team Foundation Server 2013.

What’s New for ALM in Visual Studio 2013

Learn about the many new features and enhancements that range from support for daily standups with a task board to managing shelvesets and changesets.

What's New with TFS

Team Foundation Server 2013

Team Foundation Server 2013

Application Lifecycle Management/Agile

ALM Assessment Guide

Use this assessment to analyze how close your organization is to ALM best practices and develop a plan for improvement.

Define Your Build Process

Decide which code projects to compile, what actions trigger a build, what tests to run, and any other procedures required by your team.

Create, Customize and Manage Reports for Visual Studio ALM

Highlight the data that is most important for your project by creating your own reports.