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June 2014
Volume 29 Number 6

TypeScript - Enhance Your JavaScript Investment with TypeScript

Don't throw away your JavaScript investment. Migrating to TypeScript preserves the work you've put into your JavaScript code and encourages the adoption of new features that support greater productivity on large scale applications.

Cutting Edge - External Authentication with ASP.NET Identity

Dino Esposito shows how to perform authentication through an external OAuth- or OpenID-based server, such as a social network, and the steps you might want to take once authentication is complete.

ASP.NET MVC - Override the Default Scaffold Templates

While repeatedly coding create, retrieve, update and delete operations (CRUD) can be tedious, you can automate the process using scaffolding templates. Doing this typically prevents updates or edits to controllers or views, but there are ways to customize them.

ASP.NET - Topshelf and Katana: A Unified Web and Service Architecture

Thanks to the Katana project, the open-source Topshelf library, and the OWIN specification, you can now create a unified Web and service architecture with a ridiculously simple deployment process.

MVVM - The MVVM Light Messenger In-Depth

Laurent Bugnion finishes his series on MVVM development with an in-depth look at the MVVM Light Messenger, exploring both its ease of use benefits and associated potential risks.

Windows with C++ - High-Performance Window Layering Using the Windows Composition Engine

Kenny Kerr shows how to tap into system capabilities previously inaccessible from applications to produce the layered window effect without compromising performance.

SharePoint - Using JSLink with SharePoint 2013

A new feature in SharePoint 2013 called JSLink provides a much easier and more responsive way to display custom fields on the client, as Pritam Baldota explains.

Azure Insider - Telemetry Ingestion and Analysis Using Microsoft Azure Services

It’s one thing to gather a large amount of telemetry data; it’s another entirely to analyze and process it in a meaningful way. You can use Microsoft Azure services to help streamline the process.

Test Run - Working with the MNIST Image Recognition Data Set

James McCaffrey introduces you to the MNIST data set and image recognition, one of the most fascinating topics in the field of machine learning.

DirectX Factor - The Canvas and the Camera

When moving from 2D to 3D programming, the metaphorical canvas needs to be supplemented with a metaphorical camera. Charles Petzold explains how.

Don't Get Me Started - VB6 and the Art of the Knuckleball

David Platt's last VB6 column remains one of the most widely-read (and commented upon) MSDN Magazine articles in recent history. Platt thinks he knows why.

Editor's Note - Bleeding Heart

The Heart Bleed vulnerability in OpenSSL makes clear an inescapable truth: Software is only as good as the people who write and review it.