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The Microsoft journal for developersMay 2013 VOL 28 NO 5
MSDN Magazine May 2013 issue

JSON: Parse JSON Strings in Windows Runtime Components
One way to support structured messaging between the JavaScript layer and managed code in Windows Store apps is to rely on JSON objects. This article shows how to read JSON objects and hydrate strongly typed objects with the incoming values.
Craig Shoemaker

Dino EspositoCutting Edge: Social Authentication in ASP.NET MVC 4
ASP.NET MVC 4 now includes an ad hoc framework to authenticate users via a number of social networks, and Dino Esposito shows you how.
Dino Esposito


Online-only Features

SDL:   Using the SDL for a LOB Windows 8 App, Part 2
Part 2 of a two-part series, this article examines the design phase of the Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL) and describes its three critical components: developing an attack surface analysis and an attack surface reduction and performing a software architectural risk analysis, or threat model.
Tim Kulp

MVVM:   Commands, RelayCommands, EventToCommand
In this article, I would like to take a closer look at one of the important components of any Model-View-ViewModel applications: the command.
Laurent Bugnion

UX By Design:   Is UX Investment Worth It?
Join UX expert Billy Hollis to find out how a designing a better user experience for your line-of-business application can increase productivity, revenue, and customer satisfaction and retention as well as decrease training time.
Billy Hollis

Patterns in Practice:   Adding Functionality to an Object: Building the Objects
Even with design patterns, eventually, you have to stop building infrastructure and actually implement some functionality. Peter starts to create the SalesOption objects that will add functionality to OrderLine objects when that functionality is needed.
Peter Vogel

Leading LightSwitch:   Hello, Colors
Find out how you can use LightSwitch to add some color to your mobile apps to make them more visually appealing.
Jan Van der Haegen


ASP.NET:   Leverage Multiple Code Frameworks with One ASP.NET
Jeffrey Fritz demonstrates how you can use all four major ASP.NET code frameworks -- ASP.NET Web Forms, MVC and WebAPI, and SignalR -- together to create a cohesive solution.
Jeff Fritz

Microsoft .NET Framework:   Migrating Legacy .NET Libraries to Target Modern Platforms
.NET libraries that have served you well for years can prove equally useful in today’s new environments—provided you’re willing to expend the migration effort needed. Using the Sterling NoSQL OODB, Josh Lane looks at forward migration patterns and best practices that minimize potential difficulties and maximize opportunities for reuse across platforms.
Josh Lane

Windows Phone:   Windows Phone Video Capture: A Best-of-Breed Approach
Learn how to maintain your Windows Phone 7.5 project while giving a richer experience to your Windows Phone 8 users. The techniques discussed here go beyond video capture to apply to any of the APIs reinvented for Windows Phone 8.
Chris Barker

SharePoint 2013:   Understanding and Using the SharePoint 2013 REST Interface
The SharePoint 2013 REST interface is extensive and powerful enough to provide most of what Web and mobile app developers will want to do. This article shows you how you can integrate SharePoint into your applications using the REST interface.
Jim Crowley
Ricky Kirkham

CLR:   Shortest-Path Graph Analysis Using a CLR Stored Procedure
Graph analysis is becoming increasingly important in software applications, and this article shows how to perform shortest-path analysis with techniques that can also be used for many other data-access programming tasks.
James McCaffrey


DirectX Factor
Exploring Filters in XAudio2
Charles Petzold explains how you can alter the harmonic composition of sound through the use of filters and he shows how to accomplish this using XAudio2 in Windows 8.
Charles Petzold

Windows with C++
Introducing Direct2D 1.1
Direct 2D has taken a major step forward, and is now supported on Windows 8, Windows RT, Windows Phone 8 and, now, Windows 7. Kenny Kerr explains how D2D 1.1 works and how to get started using it.
Kenny Kerr

Windows Azure Insider
Geo-Protection for Video Blobs Using a Node.js Media Proxy
Windows Azure blobs are useful for storing video assets, but different levels of access can be required based on location or domain. Manage these requirements by creating a reverse proxy server in Windows Azure.
Bruno Terkaly
Ricardo Villalobos

Test Run
Data Clustering Using Category Utility
James McCaffrey presents a powerful new clustering algorithm that is relatively simple to implement, has worked well in practice, can be applied to both numeric and categorical data, and scales well to huge data sets.
James McCaffrey

Don't Get Me Started
Do As I Say, Not As I Do
When Microsoft ignores its own UI design guidelines in Windows 8, it can only sow confusion.
David Platt

Editor's Note
Design Matters
In the era of Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8, developers can't afford to ignore the importance of design anymore.
Michael Desmond