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Microsoft Visual SourceSafe: Features Overview

Visual SourceSafe 6.0c is the easiest, most productive source code management and version control system for development teams using Microsoft Visual Studio® .NET. Developers can safely and easily manage source code, Web content, and any other type of file—all from the comfort and convenience of Visual Studio .NET.

Increased Developer ProductivityImproved Software QualityLow-Cost, High-Return Team Software Management

Work from the development environment you already use.
Access the full power of team development features, all from within Visual Studio .NET.

Take advantage of Visual Studio .NET source code control features.
Use the Pending Checkins pane, the Checkout On Edit dialog box, silent checkout capabilities, and many of the other advanced features embedded into Visual Studio .NET.

Leverage nonintrusive team development capabilities.
Just-in-Time integrated features step in when needed to provide a safety net for team members without interfering in the development process itself.

Manage Web content effortlessly.
Deploy Web projects, create site maps, and check hyperlinks with ease.


Protect documents among team members.
Check in and check out file locking securely protects files from accidental overwrite by preventing more than one user from modifying the same file at the same time.

Access project versions easily.
Labels provide snapshots of a project for quick retrieval anytime during the software life cycle.

View differences across versions.
Difference reporting provides quick, visually enhanced access to changes across different versions of the same file.

Promote code reuse among projects.
Simplify file sharing across several projects with share and link capabilities. As changes are made to one share, they automatically propagate to other shares, ensuring that common files are always up-to-date in every project.

Fork projects and files for parallel development.
Branch files and projects into separate copies-for example, one copy for a team working on beta version bug fixes and a separate copy for the team working on the release version.

Merge different versions of the same file.
Visually reconcile conflicts between different versions of the same file, avoiding any potential loss of valuable changes.

Maintain an audit trail for every file.
View the changes-when they were made and who made them-and even print reports.

Begin working in minutes.
Installation, configuration, and user setup take minutes, all with effortless administration.

Finely tune security.
Administrators select among five levels of permissions for users at the project or user level.

Take advantage of existing resources.
Network performance is optimized for LANs and application performance scales with hardware.

Maintain project databases easily.
The Analyze tool simplifies project database management by ensuring the integrity and reliability of stored projects and files.

Choose your development environment.
Use the stand-alone SourceSafe Explorer, the command line, or even features integrated within the Visual Studio .NET integrated development environment (IDE) and many third-party tools.

Meet the needs of your entire team.
Visual SourceSafe adapts to the needs of any team member-including design, development, testing, and debugging.

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