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.NET Framework 3.0 Technologies

Get more information on the Microsoft .NET Framework version 3.0 (formerly WinFX) technologies, such as Windows Communication Foundation, Windows Presentation Foundation, and Windows Workflow Foundation.

Windows CardSpace (formerly "InfoCard")
Windows CardSpace (formerly "InfoCard") is a Microsoft NET Framework 3.0 (formerly WinFX) component that provides the consistent user experience required by the identity metasystem. It is specifically hardened against tampering and spoofing to protect the end user's digital identities and maintain end-user control.
Windows Communication Foundation
Windows Communication Foundation (formerly code-named "Indigo") is a set of .NET technologies for building and running connected systems. It is a new breed of communications infrastructure built around the Web services architecture.
Windows Presentation Foundation
The Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (formerly code named "Avalon") provides the foundation for building applications and high fidelity experiences in Longhorn, blending together application UI, documents, and media content, while exploiting the full power of your computer.
Windows Workflow Foundation
Windows Workflow Foundation is the programming model, engine and tools for quickly building workflow enabled applications on Windows. It consists of a Microsoft NET Framework version 3.0 (formerly WinFX) namespace, an in-process workflow engine, and designers for Visual Studio 2005.
Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0
Find information on Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 on the .NET Framework Developer Center.