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This section includes information on logging, tracing, profiling, and other diagnostic techniques for analyzing and monitoring your .NET applications.
Improving Application Startup Time
The CLR performance team met with several customers to investigate performance issues in some of their applications. One recurring problem was client application startup time. In this column, the author presents lessons the performance team learned analyzing these applications.
Base Class Library Performance Tips and Tricks Base Class Library Performance Tips and Tricks
The CLR team provides insights into the core of managed code, shares best practices, explains of some of the more obscure functionalities, and presents personal tips and suggestions.
The Performance Benefits of NGen The Performance Benefits of NGen
NGen refers to the process of precompiling Microsoft intermediate language (MSIL) executables into machine code prior to execution time. This results in two primary performance benefits. Read about it here.
CLR Profiler for the .NET Framework 2.0 CLR Profiler for the .NET Framework 2.0
Download the CLR Profiler, which allows developers to see the allocation profile of their managed applications.
Performance Console (PerfConsole) 1.0
PerfConsole is a simple performance investigation tool which tries to adopt a debugger-like experience to drilling into Visual Studio Performance Profiler–generated data.

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A little 64 bit follow-up
I recently wrote a pair of at least slightly controversial articles about 64-bit vs. 32-bit applications and the performance costs associated with going to 64 bit. They are here and here. Some people thought I was nuts. Some people provided benchmark... more
64-bit Visual Studio -- the "pro 64" argument
[I don't have to go out on a limb to acknowledge that is the worst article I've ever written. I wrote it in the wee hours one morning in a rotten mood and it shows. There are far too many absolutes that should have been qualified and the writing st... more
Revisiting 64-bit-ness in Visual Studio and elsewhere
[Due to popular interest I also wrote a piece that is "pro" 64 bits here] The topic of 64-bit Visual Studio came up again in a tweet and, as usual, I held my ground on why it is the way it is. Pretty predictable. But it’s not really possible ... more

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