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C# Compiler Blogs

C# Compiler Team

  • Daigo Hamura
    Daigo works in QA on the C# compiler team within Visual Studio. Check out his blog for information on testing C# Expression Evaluator and C# features including Anonymous Method, Iterators, and others.
  • Gus Perez
    Gus is the lead of the C# Compiler QA team and has been a member of the team since the early stages. His blog focuses mostly on C#, software testing, freeware apps he develops in C#, and other ramblings.
  • Matt Warren
    Matt Warren is a member of the Visual C# compiler team, recently acquired from the SQL Server team. He is personally responsible for many of the bugs in ADO and System.XML. As for C#, he has completed exactly one feature. Matt’s blog entries are a journey into the twisted mind of a Microsoft developer.
  • Dinesh Kulkarni
    Dinesh Kulkarni is a program manager in the compiler team. He was previously a PM on ObjectSpaces.
  • Luca Bolognese
    Luca Bolognese is a program manager in the C# compiler team.