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Apply in-depth technical information found in this section to create powerful Windows and Web applications using Visual C++ 2005


API References
This page links to the major application programming interfaces (APIs) shipped by Microsoft.   


This section provides information on how to move your investment in technologies forward into .NET.

Visual C++: Understanding
Find links to conceptual information about .NET development in general and Visual C++ development in particular.

Building Applications
Discover how to use Visual C++ to build applications, including Windows applications, Web applications, applications for Mobile Devices, as well as Web services and component libraries.

Deploying & Distributing
Learn to incorporate technologies that will help you successfully deploy your applications and distribute the Microsoft .NET Framework.  

Product Documentation
Find links to the core reference materials available for Microsoft .NET development, including the Visual Studio .NET Help files and the .NET Framework SDK.

Visual C++: Training & Events
Find information on the many training and certification opportunities for Visual C++ that Microsoft offers for developers using Microsoft tools and technologies.

See highlights on some of the numerous books dealing with different topics related to Visual C++ .NET development.