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Window.NewWindow Method (Visio)

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Opens a new Microsoft Visio window.


expression . NewWindow

expression A variable that represents a Window object.

Return Value



Calling the NewWindow method is the equivalent of clicking New Window in the Window group on the View tab in the user interface. The NewWindow method works only on top-level mutliple-document interface (MDI) windows. The properties and caption of the new window are all determined by Visio, so the caller cannot specify any arguments to the NewWindow call. The new window's caption is the same as that of the existing one from which it was opened, but it is distinguished by a colon and a sequential number. For example, if the existing window is a drawing window that is captioned Drawing1, the new window is captioned Drawing1:2. In addition, the existing window's caption is changed to Drawing1:1.

The NewWindow method opens a new window of the same type as the instance of the parent object. In other words, if the parent object is a drawing window, calling NewWindow opens another drawing window, while if is a ShapeSheet window, calling NewWindow opens another ShapeSheet window.

Note The NewWindow method is not available for the Microsoft Visio Drawing Control.

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