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VisWebPageSettings.SilentMode Property (Visio Save As Web)

office 365 dev account|Last Updated: 6/12/2017
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Determines whether any component of the user interface (either that of Microsoft Visio or that of the browser) is displayed when a drawing is saved as a Web page. Read/write.


expression. SilentMode

_expression_An expression that returns a ** VisWebPageSettings** object.

Return Value



Set SilentMode to a non-zero value ( True) to prevent any component of the user interface from appearing when a drawing is saved as a Web page; set it to zero ( False) to allow dialog boxes to be displayed. The default is False.

Setting the SilentMode property to True overrides the setting of the OpenBrowser property and prevents newly created Web pages from opening in the default browser automatically.

To control only the display of dialog boxes in the Visio user interface, use the QuietMode property.

If both the QuietMode and SilentMode properties are set to True, the SilentMode property takes precedence and no user interface components are displayed.

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