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VisWebPageSettings.PropControl Property (Visio Save As Web)

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Determines whether a shape's custom properties (shape data) are displayed in the Web page. Read/write.


expression. PropControl

_expression_An expression that returns a ** VisWebPageSettings** object.

Return Value



PropControl returns non-zero ( True) if custom properties are set to be displayed in the Web page; otherwise, it returns zero ( False). The default is True.

Set PropControl to a non-zero value ( True) to display custom properties in the Web page; otherwise, set it to zero ( False).

If you choose to display custom properties, a Custom Properties control appears in the left frame in the browser window, displaying custom properties (shape data) that are associated with a shape when you press CTRL and click the shape.

If a shape is part of a group, and both the group and its subshapes have custom properties, the custom properties are displayed in the browser according to the behavior defined in the Selection list box on the Behavior dialog box (with the group shape selected, click Behavior on the Format menu).

The selected behavior determines the display as follows:

  • With Group only or Group first, Save as Web Page displays the group's custom properties.

  • With Members first, Save as Web Page displays the subshape's custom properties when the mouse pointer moves over a subshape that has custom properties and group custom properties for those subshapes that do not have custom properties.

This behavior can also be set in the SelectMode cell in the Group Properties section of the group shape in the Visio ShapeSheet Spreadsheet.

The value of the PropControl property corresponds to the setting of the Details check box in the Publishing options list on the General tab of the Save As Web Page dialog box (click the BackstageButton tab, click Save As, in the Save as type list, select Web Page (.htm;.html), and then click Publish).

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