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VisSnapSettings Enumeration (Visio)

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Flags passed to or returned by the Document.SnapSettings property.

visSnapToAlignmentBox&;H200Snap to the alignment box.
visSnapToConnectionPoints&;H20Snap to connection points.
visSnapToDisabled&;H8000Disable snap.
visSnapToExtensions&;H400Snap to shape extensions options.
visSnapToGeometry&;H100Snap to the visible edges of shapes.
visSnapToGrid&;H2Snap to the grid.
visSnapToGuides&;H4Snap to guides.
visSnapToHandles&;H8Snap to selection handles.
visSnapToIntersections&;H10000Snap to intersections.
visSnapToNone&;H0Snap to nothing.
visSnapToRulerSubdivisions&;H1Snap to tick marks on the ruler.
visSnapToVertices&;H10Snap to vertices.
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