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VisRasterExportColorFormat Enumeration (Visio)

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Specifies constants that define the raster export color formats; passed to and returned by the RasterExportColorFormat property.

NameValueDescriptionApplicable File Formats
visRasterBiLevel0Bi-level color formatBMP, PNG, TIFF
visRaster16Color116-color formatBMP, PNG, TIFF
visRaster256Color2256-color formatBMP, PNG, TIFF
visRaster24Bit324-bit color format; the default for PNG, TIFF, and BMPBMP, PNG, TIFF
visRasterRGB4RGB color format; the default for JPGJPG
visRasterYCC5YCC color formatJPG
visRasterGrayScale6Grayscale color formatJPG
visRasterCMYK7CMYK color formatJPG
visRaster16ColorGrayScale816-color grayscale color formatTIFF
visRaster256ColorGrayScale9256-color grayscale color formatTIFF
visRaster16Bit1016-bit color formatBMP
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