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VisMasterProperties Enumeration (Visio)

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Values for various properties of a Microsoft Visio master.

visAutomatic1Generate icon automatically from shape data.
visCenter2Master name center-aligned.
visDouble4Icon size is double (64 x 64 pixels).
visIconFormatBMP2Use bitmap icon format.
visIconFormatVisio0Use Visio icon format.
visLeft1Master name left-aligned.
visManual0Generate icon manually.
visMasFPCenter4096Fill pattern is centered.
visMasFPScale16384Fill pattern is scaled.
visMasFPStretch8192Fill pattern is stretched to fit available space.
visMasFPTile0Fill pattern is tiled (repeated).
visMasIsFillPat4Master is a fill pattern.
visMasIsLineEnd2Master is a line end.
visMasIsLinePat1Master is a line pattern.
visMasLEDefault0Use default line-end properties.
visMasLEScale1024Line end is scaled.
visMasLEUpright256Line end always remains upright (does not rotate with the line).
visMasLPAnnotate48Line pattern is annotated.
visMasLPScale64Line pattern is scaled.
visMasLPStretch32Line pattern is stretched to fit available space.
visMasLPTileDeform0Line pattern is tiled and deformed when line curves.
visMasLPTile16Line pattern is tiled (repeated).
visNormal1Icon size is normal (32 x 32 pixels).
visRight3Master name right-aligned.
visTall2Icon size is tall (32 x 64 pixels).
visWide3Icon size is wide (64 x 32 pixels)
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