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VisGetSetArgs Enumeration (Visio)

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Flags to be passed to the GetResults , SetFormulas , and SetResults methods.

visGetFloats0Results returned as doubles (VT_R8).
visGetFormulasU5Formulas returned in universal syntax (VT_BSTR).
visGetFormulas4Formulas returned as strings (VT_BSTR).
visGetRoundedInts2Results returned as rounded long integers (VT_I4).
visGetStrings3Results returned as strings (VT_BSTR).
visGetTruncatedInts1Results returned as truncated long integers (VT_I4).
visSetBlastGuards2Override present cell values even if they're guarded.
visSetFormulas1Treat strings in results as formulas.
visSetTestCircular4Test for establishment of circular cell references.
visSetUniversalSyntax8Formulas are in universal syntax.
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