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VisDocCleanActions Enumeration (Visio)

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Flags passed to the Document.Clean method that indicate which document conditions to detect, report, and fix.

visDocCleanActAll&;H3FFFPerform all actions.
visDocCleanActBadDisplayLists&;H100Detect invalid display list linkages.
visDocCleanActBadFieldFormulas&;H800Detect fields that have missing or nonstandard formulas.
visDocCleanActBadFieldMarks&;H1000Detect fields that have out-of-sync count and marker values. Change the position of escape characters to match character counts.
visDocCleanActBadReferences&;H2000Detect formulas that have #Ref() errors.
visDocCleanActConstantFormulas&;H20Detect formulas that can be generated from the result.
visDocCleanActDefault&;H1FD8Default conditions to detect.
visDocCleanActDeletedFields&;H400Detect deleted fields.
visDocCleanActDuplicateSubs&;H80Detect duplicate subscriptions (cell dependencies).
visDocCleanActEmptyRowsAndSects&;H2Detect empty local rows and sections.
visDocCleanActLocalFormulas&;H1Detect unnecessary local overrides.
visDocCleanActMissingSubs&;H10Detect missing subscriptions (cell dependencies).
visDocCleanActNearZero&;H40Detect results that are almost zero and change them to zero.
visDocCleanActNonDefaultFonts&;H4Detect non-default font settings.
visDocCleanActStaleResults&;H8Detect results that don't match formulas.
visDocCleanAlertDefault&;H0Default conditions to report.
visDocCleanFixDefault&;H3D8Default conditions to fix.
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