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VisCutCopyPasteCodes Enumeration (Visio)

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Flags to be passed to the Cut , Copy , or Paste methods.

visCopyPasteNormal&;H0Follow default copying behavior.
visCopyPasteNoTranslate&;H1Copy shapes to their original coordinate locations.
visCopyPasteCenter&;H2Copy shapes to the center of the page.
visCopyPasteNoHealConnectors&;H4Do not clean up connectors attached to cut shapes.
visCopyPasteNoContainerMembers&;H8Do not cut and copy unselected members of containers or lists.
visCopyPasteNoAssociatedCallouts&;H16Do not cut and copy unselected callouts associated with shapes.
visCopyPasteDontAddToContainers&;H32Do not add pasted shapes to any underlying containers.
visCopyPasteNoCascade&;H64Do not offset shapes on copy.
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