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VisContainerFlags Enumeration (Visio)

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Specifies which container member shape IDs to return; constants passed to the ContainerProperties.GetMemberShapes method.

visContainerFlagsDefault0Returns all shape types and includes items in nested containers.
visContainerFlagsExcludeContainers1Excludes member shapes that are containers.
visContainerFlagsExcludeConnectors2Excludes member shapes that are connectors.
visContainerFlagsExcludeCallouts4Excludes member shapes that are callouts.
visContainerFlagsExcludeElements8Excludes member shapes that are not containers, connectors, or callouts.
visContainerFlagsExcludeNested16Excludes any member shapes that are members of containers nested within the container.
visContainerFlagsExcludeListMembers32Excludes members of a list container that are explicitly members of the list. Does not exclude other shapes in the list container.
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