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Viewer.OnReviewerChanged Event (Visio Viewer)

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Occurs when the visibility of a particular reviewer's markup (comments) is changed in the Microsoft Visio Viewer.


expression. OnReviewerChanged( ReviewerIndex, ReviewerVisible)

_expression_An expression that returns a Viewer object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
ReviewerIndexRequiredLongThe index of the reviewer.
ReviewerVisibleRequiredBooleanIndicates whether markup of the reviewer is visible in the user interface.

Return Value



The collection of reviewers in the Viewer is one-based, so the index of the first reviewer in the collection is 1.

You can specify whether markup of a reviewer is visible in the Visio Viewer user interface by setting the ReviewerMarkupVisible property.

The OnReviewerChanged event occurs when markup overlays of a specific reviewer are set to be visible or not visible. The OnMarkupOverlaysVisibleChanged event occurs when markup overlays for all reviewers in a drawing are set to be visible or not visible.


The following code shows how to use the OnReviewerChanged event to print a message in the Immediate window identifying the reviewer and stating the visibility status of the reviewer's markup.

Private Sub vsoViewer_OnReviewerChanged(ByVal ReviewerIndex As Long, ByVal ReviewerVisible As Boolean)

    If ReviewerVisible Then

        Debug.Print "Reviewer "; vsoViewer.ReviewerName(ReviewerIndex); " markup is visible."


        Debug.Print "Reviewer "; vsoViewer.ReviewerName(ReviewerIndex); " markup is not visible."

    End If

End Sub
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