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Viewer.BackColor Property (Visio Viewer)

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Gets or sets the background color of Microsoft Visio Viewer. Read/write.


expression. BackColor

_expression_An expression that returns a Viewer object.

Return Value



Returns a value of data type OLE_COLOR that represents the background color of Visio Viewer. The OLE_COLOR data type is used for properties that return colors.

Valid hexadecimal values for an OLE_COLOR data type in Visio Viewer are of the form &;Hbbggrr, where bb is the blue value, gg the green value, and rr the red value. All three color values range between 00 and FF hexadecimal (255 decimal).

The BackColor property controls the color shown in the Visio Viewer window behind the images shown for page and shapes. The default value of the BackColor property matches the color of the current Windows color scheme, if that color is available; otherwise, the default is white. To set BackColor to "Visio blue," use the hexadecimal value &;HFFFFA0 (or the decimal value 16777120).


The following code sets the value of the BackColor property to the default value in a Windows form.

 vsoViewer.BackColor = &;H8000000F
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