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ValidationRuleSet.RuleSetFlags Property (Visio)

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Gets or sets special rule-set properties. Read/write.


expression . RuleSetFlags

expression A variable that represents a ValidationRuleSet object.

Return Value



The RuleSetFlags property value must be one of the following VisRuleSetFlags constants.

visRuleSetDefault0The default set of rule-set properties. The rule set appears in the the Rules to Check list (click the Check Diagram arrow on the Process tab).
visRuleSetHidden1The rule set does not appear in the Rules to Check list.


The following Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) example shows how to use the RuleSetFlags property to set the properties for a validation rule set named "Connectivity" in the active document.

Set vsoDocument = Visio.ActiveDocument
Set vsoValidationRuleSet = vsoDocument.Validation.RuleSets.Add("Connectivity")
vsoValidationRuleSet.RuleSetFlags = Visio.VisRuleSetFlags.visRuleSetDefault
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