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Shape.Resize Method (Visio)

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Resizes the shape by moving shape handles as specified.


expression . Resize( Direction , Distance , UnitCode )

expression A variable that represents a Shape object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
DirectionRequiredVisResizeDirectionThe direction that corresponds to the shape handle. See Remarks for possible values.
DistanceRequiredDoubleThe distance to move the shape edge or corner; positive values move outward and negative values move inward.
UnitCodeRequiredVisUnitCodesThe units of measure to use for the resize distance.

Return Value



Direction must be one of the following VisResizeDirection constants.

visResizeDirE0Right, middle shape handle.
visResizeDirNE1Right, top shape handle.
visResizeDirN2Center, top shape handle.
visResizeDirNW3Left, top shape handle.
visResizeDirW4Left, middle shape handle.
visResizeDirSW5Left, bottom shape handle.
visResizeDirS6Center, bottom shape handle.
visResizeDirSE7Right, bottom shape handle.

When you resize a shape in a diagonal direction (that is, NE, NW, SE, or SW), the specified distance is applied along both the horizontal and vertical axes (as opposed to along the compass direction.)

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