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Row.GetPolylineData Method (Visio)

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Returns the points recorded in a polyline row.


expression . GetPolylineData( Flags , xyArray() )

expression A variable that represents a Row object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
FlagsRequiredIntegerFlags that influence the points returned.
xyArray()RequiredDoubleOut parameter. Returns an array of alternating x and y values specifying the points recorded in the row.

Return Value



If the row's type is not visTagPolylineTo , an exception is raised.

If the GetPolylineData method succeeds, xyArray() returns a one-dimensional array of n doubles (VT_R8) indexed from 0 to n - 1. The parameter xyArray() is an out parameter that is allocated by the GetPolylineData method, which passes ownership back to the caller. The caller should eventually perform SafeArrayDestroy on the returned array. (Microsoft Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications manage this for you.)

The Flags parameter is a bitmask that specifies options for returning points. Its value should be visGeomWHPct , visGeomXYLocal , or a combination of either of those values with visGeomExcludeLastPoint . If neither visGeomWHPct nor visGeomXYLocal is passed as part of the Flags parameter, an error will be generated.

**Constant ****Value ****Description **
visGeomExcludeLastPoint&;H1Optional. The last point of the polyline (the X and Y cells in the row) will not be included in xyArray().
visGeomWHPct&;H10The values returned in xyArray() will be percentages of width/height.
visGeomXYLocal&;H20The values returned in xyArray() will be local, internal units in the drawing.
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