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MasterShortcut.TargetDocumentName Property (Visio)

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Gets and sets the path and file name of a Microsoft Visio document (usually a stencil) that contains the master to which a master shortcut refers. Read/write.


expression . TargetDocumentName

expression A variable that represents a MasterShortcut object.

Return Value



If the target document is moved, deleted, or renamed, or if the property is set to the path of a nonexistent file, the application will not be able to access the shortcut's target master. As a result, the end user will not be able to use the shortcut to drop shapes onto their drawing.

If the TargetDocumentName property contains a file name but no path, the application looks for the target document in the file path set in the File Locations dialog box (click the File tab, click Options, click Advanced, and then, under General, click File Locations). The name may refer either to the document's file name or to one of its alternate file names. To set an alternate name for a document, use the AlternateNames property.

The TargetDocumentName property does not support file names that have relative paths.

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