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Master.PasteSpecial Method (Visio)

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Inserts the contents of the Clipboard, allowing you to control the format of the pasted information and (optionally) establish a link to the source file (for example, a Microsoft Word document).


expression . PasteSpecial( Format , Link , DisplayAsIcon )

expression A variable that represents a Master object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
FormatRequiredLongThe internal Clipboard format.
LinkOptionalVariantTrue to establish a link to the source of the pasted data; otherwise, False (the default). Ignored if the source data is not suitable for, or does not support, linking.
DisplayAsIconOptionalVariantTrue to display the pasted data as an icon; otherwise, False (the default).

Return Value



To simply paste the contents of the Clipboard into an object, use the Paste method.

The value of the Format argument can be any of the following:

  • A value from VisPasteSpecialCodes (see the following table).

  • Any of the standard Clipboard formats, for example, CF_TEXT. For details, see the Microsoft Platform SDK on MSDN, the Microsoft Developer Network Web site.

  • Any value returned from a call to the RegisterClipboardFormat function. For details, see the Microsoft Platform SDK on MSDN.

Note Before calling Microsoft Windows functions, you should understand how arguments and data types are handled by the Windows API DLLs. Incorrectly calling Windows functions may result in invalid page faults or other unexpected behaviors. For more information on calling Windows functions, search for "Windows API" on MSDN.

Possible values for Format declared by the Visio type library in VisPasteSpecialCodes are described in the following table.

visPasteBitmap2Paste bitmap.
visPasteDIB8Paste device-independent bitmap.
visPasteEMF14Paste enhanced metafile.
visPasteHyperlink65538Paste hyperlink.
visPasteInk65544Paste Ink data.
visPasteMetafile3Paste metafile.
visPasteOEMText7Paste OEM text.
visPasteOLEObject65536Paste OLE object.
visPasteRichText65537Paste rich text.
visPasteText1Paste ANSI text.
visPasteURL65539Paste Uniform Resource Locator (URL).
visPasteVisioIcon65543Paste Visio icon.
visPasteVisioMastersXML65546Paste Visio masters XML.
visPasteVisioMasters65541Paste Visio masters.
visPasteVisioShapesXML65545Paste Visio shapes XML.
visPasteVisioShapesWithoutDataLinks65548Paste Visio drawing data without internal data links.
visPasteVisioShapes65540Paste Visio shapes.
visPasteVisioText65542Paste Visio text.
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