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Master.Layout Method (Visio)

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Lays out the shapes and/or reroutes the connectors for the page, master, group, or selection.


expression . Layout

expression A variable that represents a Master object.

Return Value



Using the Layout method is equivalent to clicking Re-Layout Page in the Layout group on the Design tab and then clicking More Layout Options and configuring options in the Configure Layout dialog box.

Behavior of the Layout method can be influenced by setting the formulas or results of cells in the Page Layout and Shape Layout ShapeSheet sections of the page, master, or group to be laid out. You can infer how these cells influence the behavior of the Layout method by examining the effect of various Configure Layout dialog box options on the values of these cells.

To lay out a subset of the shapes of a page, master, or group, establish a Selection object in which the shapes to be laid out are selected, and then call the Layout method. If the Layout method is performed on a Selection object and the object has no shapes selected, all shapes in the page, master, or group of the selection are laid out.

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