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IVisEventProc Object (Visio)

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The interface for handling event notifications in Microsoft Visio.


In addition to the methods inherited from IDispatch , the IVisEventProc interface contains a single function, VisEventProc , which returns a Variant . Because IVisEventProc inherits from IDispatch and hence from IUnknown , you must implement the methods in those interfaces as well as the VisEventProc method in IVisEventProc .

To handle event notifications in Visio, create a class module that implements the IVisEventProc interface in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) or Microsoft Visual Basic, and then create an instance of this class to pass as an argument to the AddAdvise method of the EventList collection.

For more information about using the IVisEventProc interface to handle event notifications, search for "Visio event objects" on MSDN, the Microsoft Developer Network. For more information about implementing IDispatch methods, search for "Implementing the IDispatch Interface" on MSDN.

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