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IVBUndoUnit.Do Method (Visio)

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Called by the Undo Manager to tell an undo unit to perform its action.


expression . Do( pMgr )

expression A variable that represents an IVBUndoUnit object.


NameRequired/OptionalData TypeDescription
pMgrRequired[IVBUNDOMANAGER]A pointer to an IVBUndoManager interface.

Return Value



If you are creating an undo unit for your solution, the Do method is one of the procedures that you must implement. It provides the actions that are required to undo and redo actions.

If you are creating a single object for both undoing and redoing, the Do method maintains the undo/redo state and adds an undo unit to the opposite stack.

If the Do method is passed a Nothing pointer, the unit should carry out the undo action but should not place anything on the undo or redo stack.

For more information about the Do method and using the IVBUndoUnit interface to create undo units, search for "creating undo units" on MSDN.

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