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GraphicItem.Delete Method (Visio)

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Deletes a GraphicItem object from the GraphicItems collection of a Master object of type visTypeDataGraphic .

Note This Visio object or member is available only to licensed users of Visio Professional 2013.


expression . Delete

expression A variable that represents a GraphicItem object.

Return Value



Before you can delete a graphic item, you must use the Master.Open method to open for editing a copy of the data graphic master whose GraphicItems collection the graphic item belongs to. After you have deleted the graphic item and made whatever other edits you want to make, use the Master.Close method to commit changes.


The following Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) macro shows how to use the Delete method to delete an existing graphic item from the GraphicItems collection of a Master object. It deletes the graphic item most recently added to the collection and prints the count of graphic items in the collection of the master copy, both before and after the deletion, to the Immediate window. After it closes the master copy, it also prints the count of graphic items in the collection of the master itself, to show that actions performed on the copy get committed to the master.

The macro assumes that there is an existing data graphic master in your project in whose GraphicItems collection has at least one member. You can determine the name of an existing data graphic master by moving your mouse over the master in the Data Graphics task pane in the Visio user interface. The master in this example is named "Data Graphic."

Public Sub Delete_Example() 

    Dim vsoMaster As Visio.Master 
    Dim vsoMasterCopy As Visio.Master 
    Dim intGraphicItemCount As Integer 

    Set vsoMaster = ActiveDocument.Masters("Data Graphic") 
    Set vsoMasterCopy = vsoMaster.Open 

    intGraphicItemCount = vsoMasterCopy.GraphicItems.Count 

    Debug.Print "Before delete", intGraphicItemCount 
    Debug.Print "After delete", vsoMasterCopy.GraphicItems.Count 
    Debug.Print "After close", vsoMaster.GraphicItems.Count 

End Sub
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