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Event.GetFilterObjects Method (Visio)

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Returns an array of object types and a True or False value indicating how to filter events for that object.


expression . GetFilterObjects

expression A variable that represents an Event object.

Return Value



The event filters described in the array returned by the GetFilterObjects method provide developers a way of ignoring specified events based on object type. The array returned is that passed to the SetFilterObjects method for this Event object.

The array that is returned by the GetFilterObjects method can be interpreted in the following manner.

The number of elements in the array is a multiple of 2:

  • The first element contains an object type (one of visTypePage , visTypeGroup , visTypeShape , visTypeForeignObject , visTypeGuide , or visTypeDoc ).

  • The second element contains a True or False value indicating whether you are listening to events for that object ( True to listen to an object's events; False to exclude an object's events).

For an event to successfully pass through an object event filter, it must satisfy the following criteria:

  • It must be a valid object type.

  • If all filters are True , the event must match at least one filter.

  • If all filters are False , the event must not match any filter.

  • If the filters are a mixture of True and False , the event must match at least one True filter and not match any False filters.

If there are no True ranges defined in the array, events are considered True .

For details about defining event filters using command IDs, see the SetFilterObjects method.

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