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DrawingControl.Src Property (Visio)

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The full path, including file name, of the Microsoft Visio file used to initialize a DrawingControl object. Read/write.


expression . Src

expression A variable that represents a DrawingControl object.

Return Value



You can set the Src property either at design time (for example, in the Properties window in Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0), or at run time, typically in the Form_Load() procedure, as shown in the following example. It is recommended that you set Src at design time.

The source file can be any valid Visio file type, including .vsd, .vdx, .vss, .vsx, .vst, and .vtx. You can load a file that you distribute with your program or any other file that users have access to, including files on their computer, on their local network, or on the Web.

When it attempts to open a file you specify in the Src property, the Visio Drawing Control behaves in much the same way Visio does when it attempts to open a file; it first searches all the paths listed in the DrawingPaths property string. If the path to the file you want to open is listed in that string, you can specify just the file name. If not, you must specify a fully-qualified path and file name.

When you set the Src property to load a file into the Visio Drawing Control, the control opens a copy of the file, but does not keep the original file open for writing. As a result, you cannot use the ** Document.Save** method to save changes to a file loaded into the Visio Drawing Control. To save changes in a file, first use the Src property to load the file into the control, and then set Src to an empty string (""). To save the modified file to disk, use the Document.SaveAs method.

If you do not set the Src property to an empty string after loading a drawing into the Visio Drawing Control, each time you close and reopen your application, the original drawing will be loaded, and any modifications you or your users have made will be lost.


The following example shows how to set the Src property at run time in the Form_Load() sub procedure of your Visual Basic program. Before running this example, replace Fullpath\filename with the full path to and file name of the Visio file you want to display in the Visio Drawing Control window.

Private Sub Form_Load() 

 vsoDrawingControl.Src = "Fullpath\filename " 

End Sub
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