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Document.Version Property (Visio)

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Gets the version of a saved document or sets the version in which to save a document. Read/write.


expression . Version

expression A variable that represents a Document object.

Return Value



Setting the Version property of a document tells Microsoft Visio which file format version to save the document in the next time the document is saved. The Visio type library declares constants for file format versions in VisDocVersions .

Microsoft Visio can save a document in the following file format versions. Note that there are two constants, visVersion120 and visVersion110 , that have identical values.

**Constant ****Value ****Description **
visVersion60&;H60000Visio 2000 or Visio 2002 document
visVersion110&;HB0000Visio 2003 or Visio 2007 document
visVersion120&;HB0000Visio 2003 or Visio 2007 document

When Visio opens a document that was saved in an earlier version format, it converts the document's in-memory representation to the current version. However, when closing the document, Visio recognizes that the document was saved in an earlier version format and allows the user to choose the version in which to save the document.

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