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Document.HeaderFooterFont Property (Visio)

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Specifies the font used for the header and footer text. Read/write.


expression . HeaderFooterFont

expression A variable that represents a Document object.

Return Value



COM provides a standard implementation of a font object with the IFontDisp interface on top of the underlying system font support. The IFontDisp interface exposes a font object's properties and is implemented in the stdole type library as a StdFont object that can be created in Microsoft Visual Basic. The stdole type library is automatically referenced from all Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) projects in Microsoft Visio.

To get information about the StdFont object that supports the IFontDisp interface:

  1. In the Code group on theDeveloper tab, click Visual Basic.

  2. On the View menu, click Object Browser.

  3. In the Project/Library list, click stdole.

  4. Under Classes, examine the class named StdFont .

For details about the IFontDisp interface, see the Microsoft Platform SDK on MSDN, the Microsoft Developer Network.

Setting the HeaderFooterFont property is the equivalent of setting values in the Font box in the Choose Font dialog box (click the File tab, click Print, click Print Preview, in the Preview group, click Header &; Footer, and then click Choose Font).


The following sample code shows how to use the HeaderFooterFont property to get a reference to the current Font object and set the document's text font to non-bold Arial.

Public Sub HeaderFooterFont_Example()  

    Dim objStdFont As StdFont 

    Set objStdFont = ThisDocument.HeaderFooterFont  
    objStdFont.Name = "Arial"  
    objStdFont.Bold = False 
    Set ThisDocument.HeaderFooterFont = objStdFont  

End Sub
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